Why You Need a Mirror for Your Dresser

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Written By Berry Mathew

Although many of us would like to have a large master bedroom, the truth is bedrooms tend to be small spaces that cannot fit a lot of furniture. Once you have your bed, nightstands, and dressers in the room, there usually isn’t space for much more. That leaves these pieces to define the style and mood of the bedroom. Since the dresser is where you will place you will have most of your personal items on display, it plays an important role in the design. 

So, should you add a mirror to the dresser? Of course, you should, and we’ll go over some ways a mirror can add to the design and serve your functional needs. 

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Large dressers without mirrors can make the room feel unbalanced. That empty wall space needs some type of décor to balance the arrangement. Attaching a mirror to the dresser adds height and evens out the look. 

Picking only a dresser can be a lengthy shopping process with a ton of tough choices. Especially if you are trying to coordinate with a piece of wall art, or match the other furniture you already have in the room. If you purchase a dresser with a mirror attached that takes the headache out of decorating the empty space above the dresser. 

You can find a mirror for dresser, or dressers depending on your home needs, at 1StopBedrooms. You’ll see a large array of dressers with mirrors, and mirrors you can order to attach to your existing dresser. If you have trouble choosing a style, contact a design consultant for assistance at no extra fee. The service is available to all shoppers on the site.

It’s important to keep the look consistent in the bedroom and a dresser with a mirror easily accomplishes this goal. The dresser and mirror are designed the same and from the same materials. You can also find one to match your bedroom set to keep the look cohesive. If your tastes are more eclectic and matching furniture isn’t your thing, you can find a uniquely designed mirror to be a part of the bedroom set.  

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The mirror also serves a functional need. If you get dressed in your bedroom, as many of us do, a mirror on your dresser allows you to check your outfit and make sure you are looking your best before leaving the house. You can freshen up your look in the mirror and add any needed finishing touches. 

If you use the top of your dresser to keep your jewelry boxes and other items you use daily, a mirror is the right piece to add as you can see how your accessories pair with your outfit. With your clothes, accessories, and mirror in the same place, you can save time and avoid carrying your accessories to another room with a mirror where they can be misplaced. Choose a dresser with a mirror attached and let style and function into your bedroom.