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‘Xbox Series S’ Is Now Official and Its Gonna Be The Most Affordable Gaming Console

by Ragini Salampure
xbox series s

The Xbox Series S is real and it’s been revealed officially. Recently, Brad Sams shared a video that flaunted what the Xbox Series S resembles and its supposed cost. Presently, Xbox has formally affirmed the Series S on Twitter.

The video shared by Brad Sams came with looks but Microsoft’s Xbox twitter handle showed by confirming the new gaming console with more detailed information such as performance, price, size, and availability.

The shared video looks like an advertisement for Microsoft. They would use during a forthcoming event where the organization is relied upon to give more insights regarding the new Xbox Series S.

We have heard about rumors about the Xbox console a couple of years ago ironically from Brad Sams who just leaked with the series. The Xbox Series S is real and it’s fairly cheap for a next-gen console and if you don’t care about 4k gaming it’s probably going to be a good choice.

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The video displays the Xbox Series S in a fully white furnished with a roundabout grille on one of the sideboards. The look is a lot of suggestive of the Xbox Series X, in any case, in the video, we can perceive how little the Xbox Series S will be.

As indicated by the shared video, the gaming console can fit inside an Xbox Series X. While the structure of the console looks like a cutting edge air purifier. Here are the specs that have been confirmed as well for the Xbox new console.

Xbox Series S Specs

Xbox Series S Specs compared with Series X

According to the sources, the expected price of the Xbox Series will be around $300 (Rs. 23,000 approx). However, since India imposes a 28% import GST on game consoles, the leaked price would result in the console retailing in India for Rs. 28,000. The price of this console is still considerably cheaper than the price of the Xbox One that retails in India for considerably more.

On new Xbox Series S going to have 4 teraflops of compute performance but again for 1440p, 1080p gaming that’s fine. The CPU will be the same as the Xbox Series X which is based on Zen 2 (a 16 thread CPU).

The Xbox Series X has 16 Gigahertz of RAM and the Series S gonna have 10 Gigahertz of RAM but the performance target isn’t 4k 60fps or 8k gaming which the Series X isn’t going to be about 8k gaming either.

According to us, Microsoft is here offering cheaper at best, a less powerful and more affordable option for a lot of people. The reasonable gaming console just got additionally energizing as Microsoft is attempting to push great specs at an affordable cost.

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❛❛The low and mid-end level gaming consoles will likewise make it possible for some Indian gamers to be able to buy a gaming console in India.❜❜

So it’ll be interesting to see what happens when these consoles finally come out on the market and when we actually have release dates. Also need to see how the new Series S performs sales-wise compared to the Playstation 5.

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