10 Reasons PDF is the Best File Format Around

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Written By Berry Mathew

Sensitive documents require that their electronic medium is stored in a format that can’t be changed or altered by any means. For this reason, the PDF format is generally used in such confidential matters where documents and files are shared online through emails and data rooms. But there are a lot more reasons PDFs are the best. 

PDF’s top spot as the best-used format today owes to the benefits it has over other formats. So, here we’ll be looking at 10 reasons PDF is the best file format. You’ll find out why it’s the most preferred document format, for you to make the most out of it, too, for your office or school requirement.

  • PDF files can be created easily

Document creation can be a complex job with other formats, but definitely not PDFs. 

When using Microsoft Word and Excel, you can export your documents as a PDF file and share them with anyone. In addition, if you’re using a different file format, it is easy to convert, for example, you can easily convert Word to PDF files. It is universally compatible, which means it’s supported by all systems. Days are gone when you have to worry about the formats of the file. With PDF file format, you can open your file on any PDF reader.

2. PDF is the global standards format for sharing information

Globally, businesses and IT professionals use PDFs to share and store data, invoices, contracts and many other confidential documents are transmitted this way. This advanced technology is a huge boost for e-commerce. Companies can e-sign and send PDFs to customers living at far ends of the world. 

3. Adobe Acrobat reader is free

One of the major advantages of using PDF versus other types of files is that the format is free. People anywhere across the globe could download and view PDFs. Whereas opening a word document on a computer requires that you had to mostly use Microsoft Word, PDFs can be accessed using pre-installed apps. This helped to boost the likeability of PDFs, especially with the popularity of Adobe Acrobat, which helped to proliferate the use of PDF. 

4. PDF format has added features that most other formats don’t have

PDFs support annotations. You can share a copy of your file with others and highlight the key facts and ideas in the documents by selecting the text, adding notes and arrows. 

They can even draw on the content and make some things even more clear and apparent. This allows you to get detailed feedback from them. With other formats, the file size remains the same or may even get heavier, but with a PDF file the file size is compressed and it consumes less space than it would with any other format. This frees up spaces and makes room for other documents to be stored.

5. PDF files combine the best text and image

The ability of PDFs to store information related to layout, image, and graphics is the major reason they are still popular and relevant today. You can convert a PDF to Microsoft word document format, but you lose a lot of information in the process. Word docs are great for mailing small text files, but they don’t capture the original look of a book. If you want something that is visually appealing, you need a PDF.

6. PDFs and the digital economy

It is common these days for people to read and edit PDFs using laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other related devices. Scanning paper documents into PDF document format can only take a few seconds. 

You even snap a picture of a business invoice on your smartphone, e-sign it using a PDF editor, and mail it to a company across the world. Features like this have consistently flagged PDF as the top choice. 

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7. Password protected

PDF files are mainly used for various reasons and when they hold private information, experts and professionals may want to password the documents to protect them from cyber attack. This helps to create a unique document protection program.

8. Documents analytics

Recipients can easily view who has access to the information. If the password of the content has been breached, the appropriate action can easily be taken.

9. Searchability

When a user accesses a PDF file on Adobe reader, he can easily find the desired content through a quick search. PDF documents can be organized with a table of contents that link all sections to the appropriate page in the files.

10. PDF documents have a history or documenting history

PDF documents retain all the information in the source document, including fonts, images, and color profiles. Nuances of color and layout details are carefully preserved allowing books to be reproduced if the paper version is lost or destroyed. 

The idea is for future generations to have a feel of modern masterpieces and PDFs have fared well in this regard.  

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The importance of PDF files to other files cannot be over-emphasized. Therefore, it’s important to always use PDF format for your files, especially confidential documents like certificates, lecture notes, banking documents, and business data to avoid attacks by cybercriminals.