Natalie Portman Returning for ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ as Lady Thor

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Natalie Portman Returning for ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ as Lady Thor

Thor: Love and Thunder Chris Hemsworth have quite recently been declared alongside a large group of other Marvel movies at Comic-Con. It will the fourth motion picture in the Marvel’s Thor series and, similar to the biggest hits collection, will bring back Natalie Portman and the famous Official Thor actor Chris Hemsworth, in addition to Tessa Thompson.

According to Director Taika Waititi (New Zealand filmmaker and director of Thor: Love and Thunder, the film gonna reach in theaters on 5th November 2021.

Natalie Portman is returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, yet but she is not in love with anyone at this time.

American actress Natalie Portman has been honored with many awards with that she was also honored with Oscar Award. She will play a female God Of Thunder in the fourth film with Chris Hemsworth, titled “Thor: Love and Thunder“.

Natalie Portman is returning to the MCU – but not just as Jane Foster. The “Thor” actress revealed that she will be playing female Thor in the upcoming Marvel sequel at


— Variety (@Variety) July 21, 2019

Portman arrived in the first 2 Thor movies in but he was missing from the latest Thor movie, “Thor: Ragnarok”. Portman did not show up in Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok, however, gives off an impression of being coming back with a recently discovered feeling of admirable as female God thunder – Lady Thor.

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Natalie Portman made a comeback to the podium with great fanfare at the San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday. In front of director Taika Vetti and along with actors Hemsworth, where she was handed a Hasbro version the hero’s famous hammer.

The improvement shouldn’t come as a lot of a shock for the individuals who read the comic books of Marvels. Encourage’s acquainted with the arrangement as an astrophysicist who turns into the object of Thor’s affections.

Yet in a 2014 comic-book storyline, she’s considered qualified to employ super powerful Thor’s hammer (Mjolnir) and take over the title of Thor, the Goddess of Thunder.

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Other huge declarations at Marvel’s gigantic Comic-Con board incorporated the lead of “Shang-Chi” (Simu Liu), the full cast of “The Eternals” and Mahershala Ali featuring in another “Blade” film.