5 Incredible Hacks to Get Instagram Followers (Real and Authentic!)

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Written By Berry Mathew

Whenever someone talks about the social presence or brand reputation, one thing that’ll surely strike your mind is INSTAGRAM! Whether it’s a brand, an individual, or a corporate that’s willing to widen up its social avenues, Instagram has always served as a cornerstone. 

The insane fan base of social media platforms has become a spectacular way of fulfilling your social agenda, given you know the right way to put your beginning steps. And undeniably, the foremost step to a successful digital campaign is to get Instagram followers  that engage with your account and help you widen your social reach. 

Sometimes some minor changes in your approach yield tremendous results and if you too find your approach quite bland and ineffective to generate adequate engagement, the article has everything you’ll need! 

The post is all about some hacks that will help you generate genuine engagement and get free Instagram followers. 

Is Buying Fake Followers a Good Option?

Many of you might think of investing some money on buying thousands of fake followers to increase your follower count and make your page look much more genuine. But is this that easy? Well, the answer to this is NO! 

Buying fake followers offer a whole lot of disadvantages, including non-engagement, lack of authenticity, inability to validate yourself when working for brands, and much more. here are a few disadvantages of buying fake followers.

  • Betraying your followers by showing them fake credibility
  • Fake bots don’t engage with your account, offering an extremely low rate of return 
  • There will be no one to share or comment on your post, making it look fake   

Instead, you should invest in websites that allow you to generate better engagement and grow your Instagram page most rationally. Instagram understands the inclination of the influencers towards buying cheap followers and thus, the team has been updating its algorithm to wipe out all these efforts and make the platform reliable and authentic. 

Well, that’s a topic for another article, and for now, let’s focus on the primary theme of the article. 

Small Changes that You can Do with Your Account/Posts to Promote Engagement

Here are some changes that can help you beautify your Instagram account and reach more people globally. 

  1. Account optimization 

Social media optimization (SMO) is an incredibly vital component of digital marketing and performing it correctly will help you grow your Instagram account exponentially. Your Instagram account is composed of numerous heads and sections and paying individual attention to each of these aspects is the key to your page’s success. 

A full-optimized Instagram account works properly on the following sections that will help you create a brand position in the market and driving traffic to your account:

  • Account bio
  • Captions for the post 
  • A credible username 
  • A profile picture 

Here are a few Instagram account optimization tips that you should give a try.

  • Use hashtags and keywords to promote the better reach 
  • Add your website in your bio
  • Post “link in bio” posts and stories to provide a direct link to the audience 
  • Use a search-oriented username
  • Avoid putting numbers and special characters to your Instagram username 
  1. Prepare a posting schedule 

The time at which you post plays a significant role in improving your discoverability and widening your reach. Though Instagram offers no claims of the importance of posting time, still, it’s a matter to pay heed to, and thus, it’s pretty crucial to have a posting schedule.

If you find your lifestyle to be too chaotic to post according to a schedule, you can use websites that link to your social media accounts and post according to a schedule. Besides, scheduling also helps you visualize your social media campaigns in a much better way and understand the process of enhancing engagement. 

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  1. Craft out social links and contacts 

Reaching a larger set of target audiences and constantly improving your reach is the key to successful influencing and generating social links is the easiest way to do so. It’s hard to reach new people alone but getting your page promoted by other pages helps greatly in improving your reach and crafting new potential customers for your product r service. 

Here are some tips that will help you develop new social links.

  • Invest in user-generated content and get it sponsored by other accounts 
  • Try organizing contests on Instagram to encourage discoverability of your account 
  • Try connecting to Instagram pages with a large audience in your industry to reach more people 
  • Encourage marketing collaborations as it helps in developing your audience 
  1. Provide a direct link to your Instagram account on other social media platforms 

The promotion of your account is your responsibility. This not only includes creating social links but also generating visitors through other social media applications. Thus, you need to ensure that you’ve updated all your social media accounts with your Instagram account’s direct link. 

Providing your account’s direct link improves your discoverability and creates brand awareness. This can be done by linking your blogs and website through social media call-to-action buttons as this will encourage social shares across your social ecosystem. 

You can also practice this by the means of “cross-promotion”, which means promoting one social account through another. For instance, you can promote your Instagram account through your Twitter handle. 

  1. Post followers-oriented content 

It’s extremely crucial to post the content that your followers want to see and undeniably, that’s what makes a page better than others. Pay attention to captions, filters, time of posting, and other minute details to make your posts follower-friendly. 

You can also use analytical tools to research current trends to figure out what your marketing strategy should look like. 

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The Final Thoughts 

Implementing these tips to your campaign can help you get Instagram followers who engage with your page and offer the best results. If you too are struggling to generate engagement, you can sign up for the best websitefor improvingengagement and see your account flourishing.