Online Jewellery Marketplace: Things You Should Know About JewelFlix

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Written By Berry Mathew

India has been gaining momentum in innovations in businesses since the last decade. With initiatives like Digital India, many old ventures have moved to online markets to gain more brand recognition and customers. Jewellery had been a little slow earlier, but with more online safety and security, online jewellery shopping in India has also been booming now.

In recent times, due to Covid-19, several industries were negatively affected; however, the Jewellery industry took the opportunity of making their presence noticeable in online platforms. The awareness among people that they can easily purchase precious items like gold, silver, and diamonds online seemed to further strengthen the initiative of bringing the jewellery industry online.

What is JewelFlix?

Registered as ‘Tansh Jewels Tec Private Limited’ in India, JewelFlix is an online jewellery marketplace that allows Jewellers across India to connect and strengthen their business. Like retailers and wholesalers, the jewellers can increase their inventory of jewellery designs from wholesalers and manufacturers. And manufacturers can boost their sales by creating new retail and wholesale connections.

JewelFlix provides a 24×7 online portal where customers can explore thousands of products from hundreds of jewellers from various regions. This gives customers the diversity and options to choose jewellery from anywhere in India. The continuous marketing of products further enhances the individual brand awareness of associated jewellers.

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Why does JewelFlix, an Online Jewellery Marketplace, Exist?

More and more people are now opting to purchase products online because it’s easy and safe. Most importantly, comparing different products from different vendors allows people to choose the best product among the best. There are hundreds of sites that provide lakhs of products, but the impact of jewellery has not been so strong.

JewelFlix is not just an e-commerce site but an entire marketplace for jewellery. It’s beneficial for jewellery consumers, retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers as well. So, every stakeholder is present and in touch with each other 24×7.

Who Started JewelFlix?

Mr. Savai Khatri & Mr. Vikram come from the jewellery industry with more than ten years of experience. While working, they realized the need for the presence of the jewellery industry online. The establishment of ‘Tansh’ (now JewelFlix) was in 2018, and immediately it found a place in the online market, where several of the challenges of jewellers could be resolved.

How does JewelFlix work?

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Being an online jewellery marketplace, a consumer has to visit and start exploring. All products are properly arranged in catalogues, so you can easily find the jewellery items you want. JewelFlix has all kinds of authentic jewellery products like gold earrings, pendants, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and much more. Silver jewellery is also available along with diamond jewellery and gemstones like Emerald, Ruby, Amethyst and others. 

Jewellers – Retailers, Wholesalers, and Manufacturers

JewelFlix provides a personalized portal for each jeweller where they can upload their products, check their analytics, look for new products from other associated jewellers, follow their favourite jewellery to keep updated with the latest designs.

Features of JewelFlix

JewelFlix has a myriad of features for buyers and sellers. The most loved benefits of this online B2B jewellery portal are:

  • 24×7 Online Jewellery Exhibition
  • Unlimited Product Uploads 
  • Modern Company Logo Designed from Expert Designers
  • Studio Box *
  • Digital Catalogue for Your Products
  • Fully featured unique product page for each jewellery item
  • Adding your team members for managing products *
  • Dedicated Website *
  • Dedicated Android & iOS app *

* Applicable on specific subscription plans

What Can You Expect After Registering with Jewelflix?

  • Increase in leads, and thereby sales
  • Ideas for new jewellery designs
  • Increase in a wide variety of different designs from other jewellers
  • New business connections with other B2B Jewellers
  • More people get aware of your brand
  • Regular brand and product promotions on Social Media
  • Brand Promotions in jewellery exhibitions and events 
  • More customer loyalty 

What makes JewelFlix different from others?

JewelFlix is an online b2b & b2c jewellery marketplace that caters to both sellers and buyers, exclusive to real jewellery. What makes JewelFlix unique is

They have:

  • No fake/imitation jewellery.
  • No duplicate jewellery of any kind
  • No unregistered/unrecognized jewellers
  • No commission fee or any hidden charges

You are in direct contact with the jeweller, so JewelFlix doesn’t meddle in the middle. When you buy from JewelFlix, you’re guaranteed to be provided with 100% genuine and authentic products with appropriate hallmarks and bills.