5 Ways You Can Amplify Your Media Coverage

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Written By Berry Mathew

Have you ever imagined the benefits you can receive if the media picks up your story? Even if this happens, you can use this to your advantage and escalate the coverage to new heights. Getting significant media coverage is never an easy task. But it is the best solution to deliver your message to the right audience. Nowadays, positive media coverage is the best source to increase your brand’s credibility.

We live in the digital age, and it has become quite important to make your media coverage work for you in the best possible way. You can publish your brand content across various media channels. When we talk about media, we are mainly referring to social media, as every other person is now leveraging it for various purposes. This is one of the most innovative ways to reach a diverse audience effectively. 

This article has some amazing ways that can amplify your media coverage.

Everybody is aware of how social media is playing a significant role in various industries and avenues. It has the most diverse user base, and billions of people are leveraging social media platforms for different purposes.

It is a huge achievement if your company is getting media coverage, and if it is already on social media platforms, no one can stop you from getting amazing benefits. Sharing your media coverage on different social media pages and sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter is the best way to get recognition for your business.

You can amplify your media coverage with the help of many influencers and popular content creators on social media who have scores of followers. Getting in touch with them and encouraging them to see your content is another popular way to get recognition. 

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  • Leverage LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a renowned platform that various industry leaders and business professionals use to promote B2B content. An active LinkedIn page can work harder for you than you think.

You can use your LinkedIn profile to amplify your media coverage. LinkedIn allows you to add all the places where your business is mentioned. You can also make full use of the experience section in your LinkedIn profile by adding an active link to the press that has covered your story.

LinkedIn enables its users with a wide range of options. You can also create an influential post on LinkedIn and share it with your connections. A multitude of business heads and executives around the world are always active on LinkedIn, and when they come across your post, your post impression will automatically increase. You will get higher chances of getting likes, comments, and shares of your post.  

So, LinkedIn is one of the best ways to generate amplification of your brand content.

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  • Email Newsletter

You might not be aware, but your email list can work exceptionally well for your brand story in order to amplify your media coverage. 

If you have an email list of business professionals or even normal people, you can use those email lists for promotion. Sharing your media coverage achievement in your email newsletter is another great way.

  A number of professionals check their inboxes multiple times each day. When emails land in their inboxes with a success story, it ultimately gives an impression of success, and people are more likely to read it. 

After sending an email newsletter to your email list, make sure to forward an email copy to the writer that covered your news and make them aware that you have shared the article with your desired audience. Contributing to the writer is a great practice, and the result of it is always positive. There will be a high chance that a reporter or writer will get in touch with you again.

  • Share It With Your Clients

Your clients are your business asset, as a trusted client can get you more clients. 

Sometimes there is a need for a personal touch to get performance-oriented results. You can share all your success stories with your clients, consumers, and suppliers. This is the best way to create and enhance your positive image, and when you acknowledge them for their role in your great success, you can automatically win their trust. This practice can help you strengthen your business relations with clients. 

If you are in the business field, you should know that anything can happen any day in large markets. Business owners who have built good relationships with their clients play with the safe side. We have a number of examples where clients rescued business owners in case of a mishap. 

So, your clients can play a vital role in amplifying your media coverage. 

  • Generate More Coverage 

Your PR team can do wonders if they carry out all the things in the most effective way. The best way to get more coverage is whenever they get in touch with a new editor; sharing your previous success story and past media coverage sets a great impression of your brand in their eyes. You can also show credibility by including a link to the pitch’s recent coverage. 

The intention of showing your previous media coverage will help you to convince the editor. It will leave an amazing impression on your business, and the editor will easily recognize your business as noteworthy. Moreover, you can get more chances to make them inclined to cover your brand story.

So these are some of the ways that can work for you in the best way to amplify your media coverage. If you can’t manage every aspect individually, assign these tasks to a professional team dealing with public relations services and following the methods mentioned above to get growth-oriented results.