6 benefits of evaluating your child

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Written By Berry Mathew

6 benefits of evaluating your child

  • Many families are not sure they want to have their child tested.
  • An evaluation is the first step in getting your child the right help at school.
  • It can be a relief to discover the cause of your child’s difficulties.

If you have questions about whether your child should be tested, you’re not alone. It is a difficult decision for many families. Some worry that their child will be labelled or treated differently. Others wonder if their child’s difficulties are “severe enough” to be evaluated.

As you make your decision, consider the benefits of being screened. Here are six reasons why a school or private evaluation may benefit your child.

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  1. It is the first step for you to receive help

An evaluation may result in your child receiving the services and supports needed to make progress in school. The school will use the results to decide if your child qualifies .

  1. Helps you and the school understand your challenges

The evaluation will pinpoint exactly what skills your child is struggling with. That includes academic and cognitive skills, as well as social-emotional skills. The tests will also determine her strengths. Having that information allows you and the school to build on your child’s strengths to work through challenges.

  1. Makes it easier for the school to provide tailored support

If your child is eligible, the school will use the results of the evaluation to create aIEP. This legal plan provides the specific help your child needs to move forward. May include individualized instruction, adaptations and speech therapy or occupational therapy. The IEP will include specific goals for your child and ways to measure her progress. Yes, this is true, that a child needs support in his assignments. There may be essay writing or he might require a research paper. You can provide him with a external support such as https://essay.org/homework-help

  1. It can be a relief for you

No one wants to find out that their child is in trouble. However, not knowing for sure can lead to stress and uncertainty. Knowing more about the challenges your child is facing makes it easier for you and your child to find support.

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  1. It can be a relief to your child

The evaluator can explain to the children why they are having difficulties. Many children feel better knowing that there is an explanation. Just the fact that your challenges have a name can be a relief.

The evaluator can also explain how different supports and interventions can help. This gives children the opportunity to participate in the process, and to know that their teachers and families are working together to help them.

  1. It makes it easier to find strategies to help at home

When you understand what your child is struggling with, you can find tools and strategies to help outside of school. Could be assistive technology like text-to-speech, or other simple tools like calendars and pencil grips.

Understanding why your child is struggling helps you get the right help at school.