7 Moving Safety Tips

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Written By Berry Mathew

Moving is a frustrating affair that comes with a lot of risks. When moving your household items, you need to be very careful, from lifting the big boxes to packing glasses and other fragile items. 

Whether it is a DIY move or you have engaged a commercial moving company, it is essential to be ready for the move. This is because the day of the move can be more dangerous than you expected. 

To help your local or long-distance move be a smooth and safe one, here are seven moving safety tips you need to consider. 

Moving safety tips

  1. Wear suitable clothes

The first safety tip you need to observe is wearing the right clothes and shoes for the job. The clothes and shoes should be breathable, flexible, and loose. Do not wear baggy clothes that can hang around when moving boxes. But generally, you should be comfortable. 

For shoes, make sure you wear strong footwear. Also, the shoes should be closed with a good level of support. Avoid high heels or open shoes. 

  1. Do not overpack

Most people try to fill the boxes as much as they can. But for your safety and that of your items, do not overpack. Just because a packing box can fill more does not mean it should hold more. 

Remember, moving boxes are designed to hold a specific number of items. Hence, you should not exceed the amount of weight specified. Overloading will put pressure on your knees, back, and joints. 

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  1. Use the right lifting techniques

When lifting heavy items or big boxes, there is a risk of injuring your back or shoulders. Hence, you need to use the right lifting techniques when lifting heavy objects. 

If you cannot lift a box on your own, make sure you seek help. The best option is to engage professional movers to assist you with moving. By hiring NYC office movers, they will handle every task, including the complex ones. 

But if it is a DIY move, it is important to know the proper lifting technique. For instance, you need to keep your back straight and bend your knees to lift the box. But if the load is too heavy, get help from a friend. 

  1. All boxes should be double taped

Whether a new box or a used box, make sure they are all secure. The best way to secure them for lifting is to double tape. Remember, too much weight can tear through the bottom of the box. 

Please make sure you use quality packing tapes to seal the boxes and double tape to reinforce them. This strategy will ensure your items are safe and you are not injured. 

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  1. Clear the exit routes

One challenging part of moving is navigating in a confined space. This is a dangerous place that can lead to damages and injuries. Therefore, make sure the exit route is clear. 

In addition, ensure the stairs, hallways, and outside areas are all clear. Get rid of obstacles that will get on when moving large boxes. You need to make sure you can fit well in those places. 

If there are scattered boxes, unpacked items, or moving equipment, make sure you have cleared the area. The risk of slipping when the space is loaded is very high.

  1. Secure the sharp objects

When moving sharp objects such as knives, make sure they are secure. An unwrapped knife can easily go through the box into your hand. Therefore, wrap sharp items to lower the chances of getting injured. 

You can use packing paper or bubble wrap to wrap the knives. Some people use dish towels to make sure the sharp objects are secure. 

  1. Use moving equipment

Get proper moving equipment if you are moving heavy and oversized things without professional help. Happily, it is possible to rent or buy a dolly. A moving dolly will allow you to move heavy items without lifting them. 

The other great moving equipment you can consider is the furniture slider. This is great equipment that helps you slide heavy furniture through the room without much struggle. Moreover, it reduces the damages to your old and new house floors. 

Bonus Tip – Hire professional movers

Hiring a professional moving company is another excellent moving safety tip to consider. Since they are professionals, they have enough skills and experience to handle any move. 

Moreover, a professional moving company is better equipped to handle local and long-distance moves. They have moving dollies and other vital equipment to move large, heavy boxes and furniture. 


Moving is expensive, challenging, and very risky. Hence, protecting yourself when moving is essential. You do not want to get injured when moving your belongings. 

Therefore, it is important to have a solid understanding of the moving safety tips. By following the above tips, you will be sure that your next relocation will be smooth and safe. 

If you feel the process is challenging, the best option is to engage professionals. Happily, many moving companies near you can offer all moving services.