What are the advantages of a rental agreement for a tenant?

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A Residential rental agreement can just be defined as a type of legal agreement between a landlord and a tenant which is valid for a fixed duration. It comprises of a set of terms and conditions to which both parties need to stick to and comply with.

This kind of an agreement is generally renewed after every 11 months or more or according to the time frame that is specified in the agreement. Find out about some of the top advantages of a residential lease agreement in Texas for a tenant.

Know the benefits of a rental agreement for a tenant

Helps secure the rights of tenants

With this kind of an agreement in place tenants can be assured that their rights will always be kept secure. A rental lease agreement has problems such as eviction of the family of a deceased tenant, unreasonable hikes in rent, sudden eviction, verbal disagreements etc can be avoided.

It is also possible for tenants to get benefit from the provision which can define a hike in rent in compliance with the contract after a period of one year and not according to the whims of the landlord or the market rate.

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Helps in avoiding confrontations

When a residential lease agreement is prepared even according to the template of a free printable basic rental agreement, confrontations can be avoided. Confrontations between tenants and landlords are common regardless of the country or state that one lives in.

Unreasonable guest policies, overdue maintenance and unannounced calls are some of the grievances of tenants that are quoted often. When there is a full proof residential rental agreement in place, most of these issues can be prevented easily.

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Helps serve as a document of reference

Even in the absence of confrontations, there are times when landlords obstinately refuse to admit to something that they might have promised to their tenant during the time of registration. All such things can be avoided by using a residential rental agreement as a document of reference.

In case of any confusion or any situation that might lead to an argument, a tenant can furnish the rental agreement that was signed between him and the landlord and put an end to all confusions.

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Rental amount

A rental agreement should also mention the exact monthly rent amount that the tenant needs to pay to the landlord, in order to stay in the property. The mode of payment should also be mentioned. In many cases, landlords demand security deposit from their tenant. Naturally, the rental contract should also mention this and specify the exact amount of security deposit that the tenant needs to pay to the landlord.

The landlord must also mention whether there would be any penalty in case of late payment of rent. Additional charges such as gas, water, society, maintenance etc should also be mentioned along with a statement whether these expenses would be borne by the landlord or the tenant. It should also be specified whether any charges for repair or damage would be there for the tenant to pay. You may download a free rental agreement from this website.

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