7 Snapchat Tricks You Need to Know

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 Look: you are not using Snapchat to its full potential.

“It’s just a photo-taking app,” you respond, but listen carefully… It’s not just a photo-taking app.

There are Snapchat tricks regarding hidden features that you may not know about. Don’t panic, though, because we’re here to get you up to speed with the best Snapchat hacks.

Keep reading to learn more about these top seven Snapchat tricks!

  1. Make Your Text Captions Have Different Colors for Each Letter

Make your text captions pop when you have different colors for each letter!

This can be for fun or can even be your way to express your LGBTQ+ pride or solidarity. Either way, having your letters be different colors is a cool little trick.

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How to Have Your Letters in Different Colors

First, when you write your text caption, click the big “T” icon in the corner. Make your text as big as you can.

Next, choose the color you want to use first. Then, you need to tap and highlight the word whose color you want to change. At this point, you can move your highlighted portion to any word or letter.

Once you get to the right letter or word, go back to your color palette and pick your desired color.

Rinse and repeat for your customized letter colors!

  1. Switching From Back to Front Camera

Maybe you want to switch from back to front camera view while you are taking a Snapchat video. Luckily, you can!

It’s as easy as double-tapping your screen while you’re taking your Snapchat video. Then, your camera should turn around.

It’s useful to be able to turn your camera’s orientation around depending on the kind of aesthetic effect you want your video to have.

  1. Delete Something From a Snap

If there is something in the background that you maybe just don’t want in your snap, don’t worry: there is a way you can delete something from a snap.

Once you take your photo, you can go up to the scissors icon and then the star icon. Click on it, and from there you can outline the part of the snap you want to delete.

Lastly, you need to put your finger on the lower part of the image; after that, the part you wanted to delete from your snap will be removed. The background will readjust itself.

  1. Draw Better

Drawing on Snapchat is difficult. There is a way to make it easier and more aesthetically pleasing, however.

With a special zoom feature, you can make your drawings more detailed. You will have to enable the zoom feature first. Here’s how you can do that.

How to Enable the Zoom Feature for Drawing on Snapchat

You need to go to your Snapchat settings first. You can look under “Accessibility” or “General” to find what you need.

Then, you will enable the zoom feature.

After that, with your snap picture, you can then frame your picture and zoom in while you draw. All of the drawing details you never could add to your photo before can finally flourish!

Make sure you know how to save Snapchats on iPhone or Android to save your beautiful creations!

  1. Find Geo-Filters You Used Long Ago

You may feel disappointed that certain geo-filters that used to be available aren’t available anymore. However, that does not mean that all hope is lost. In fact, you can bring them back.

This only works if the geo-filter is saved on an older snap, so be mindful of that.

Head to your Memories page to access your saved snaps from years past. Locate the saved snap with the geo-filter you’re looking for.

Then, click on the scissors icon, followed by the brush icon. Then, you can toggle between all of the geo-filters you applied to that particular saved snap photo.

Save that particular geo-filter to your Memories, and it’s yours for future use! This is one of the most useful Snapchat tricks.

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  1. Save Multiple Videos as One Video

Did you know you can save multiple videos or a compilation of videos and photos (perhaps from your story) as one long video?

You don’t have to stick strictly to the ten-second video rule. You can keep recording videos after that, and though they may be separate videos, you have the option to save them all as one.

Simply go to the “save” button, click it, and the option should pop up that you can save it as a multi-snap video.

If it’s already in your stories, no problem! Head to your story, click on the three dots to the right of it, and there you’ll find the option to save your story as just the one video you’re on or as a whole.

  1. You Can Still Send Old Photos to Your Friends List

Everyone knows Snapchat to be instantaneous, but did you know that you can also send old photos to those on your friends’ list?

This one is fairly easy to do. Go to your Chats tab, and click on the chat with the friend you want to send the old photo to. Click the camera button.

You may think it only opens the camera function, but that’s not true. In the lower righthand corner, there is an icon you can click to choose a photo from your phone’s photo gallery.

The Top Seven Snapchat Tricks You Need to Try

These top seven Snapchat tricks are a must if you want to use Snapchat to the fullest. From captions to drawing and other Snapchat tips, you can find new ways to make Snapchat more fun to use.

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