TVF Business Model: Case Study, Revenue, Funding, Competitors, All things you need to know

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TVF Business Model: Here’s the Case Study of TVF (The Viral Fever) revenue, funding, founder, success story, how does TVF makes money. TVF’s major source of income is brand sponsorship from various brands like Ola, Tata…


Here’s the Case Study of TVF (The Viral Fever) revenue, funding, founder, success story, how does TVF makes money…

Do you love watching web series? If yes, then you must have heard the name of the TVF aka The Viral Fever. TVF (The Viral Fever), one of the most popular Youtube web series companies that publish videos mainly on YouTube and got too much popularity around the world. So today we are going to discuss the TVF business model with full analysis.

When we talk about Youtube then it looks easy that they earn from Google Adsense by showing advertisement on their videos. But the production cost of all the popular youtube channels is usually too much or highly expensive.

What is TVF?

TVF (The Viral Fever) is an Indian leading online Entertainment company. It was started by TVF Media Labs in 2010. Pitchers, Permanent Roommates, College Romance, Tripling, Yeh Meri Family, and Bachelors are some of their best-known web series.

But now it’s acquired by Contagious Online Media Private. Ltd. The organization’s intention is to connect the more youthful populace who loves following Television shows. They are one of the first Indian digital Entertainment components within the era.

Who is the founder of TVF?

Arunabh Kumar is the founder of the TVF company. He was brought into the world on 26th November 1982. Arunabh Kumar was an IIT Kharagpur student. After completing graduation, he got a very well-established job as an advisor for US Air Force to take a stab at creating occupations. But due to unsatisfaction Kumar leave that job.

Arunabh Kumar

After that, he entered on Bollywood production team and tried assisting Farah Khan on Om Shanti Om. After a couple of creation of films, he started to compose and deliver his own short movies and series.

He confronted various problems in his existence and there is by all accounts no limit to that. With their shows, he deals with introducing different kinds of social issues which makes us think once. He is additionally the developer of the frictional web series, for example, Tripling, Permanent Roommates, and Pitchers. However, he was likewise blamed for harassment that occurred at his organization while working. It was accused by women colleagues.

TVF Business Model

The significant type of revenue of the organization is brand sponsorship from a few brands like Glassdoor, Ola cabs, CommonFloor, Tata, and so on and furthermore from advertisements through Google’s YouTube. TVF mainly presents mainly humor genre videos with some deep creative meanings for the young audiences. This makes the brand engage more audiences.

The company has likewise got its own mobile applications which available free to download from Google Play store and IOS store so it’s beneficial for them to have something of their own. They succeeded be sure in satisfying the promises they made in the first place.

In simple words, the Tvf business model is perfectly clear. It is and tries to be occupied with content creation.

TVF Revenue Model

TVF makes revenue from YouTube monetization programs just as from different brands as brand sponsorship which we previously mentioned. For example, TVF Permanent Roommates season 1 was sponsored by and thus, the story revolved around the main characters searching for a house, that too on the CommonFloor app. TVF Pitchers sponsored by UBER. It’s one of the most creative and genuine revenue sources of Tvf company and it’s better than the common sponsorships in the market.

For such sort of companies, memberships are the keys to procure. They have a secure various customer base which is a piece of their revenue model. Currently, TVF (The Viral Fever) have 7.55 Million subscribers with over 960 Million views.

Additionally, TVF has additionally dispatched they are committed TVF PLAY application with all its substance and few chose web series.  The chose web series can be watched by buying in. TVF will bring in cash by membership charges. Later on, TVF can bring in cash by making paid premium membership.

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TVF Funding and Valuation

Till yet they have also received funding of around 100 million dollars which is around 70 crores INR. They received funding from a US-based company Tiger Globe which is a huge player, and they have already funded many start-ups.

It has apparently sponsored TVF, run by Contagious Media Network Pvt. Ltd, on the rear of a spate of effective web series, particularly Pitchers and Kota Factory, a mocking satire web series about young students seeking to get into one of the lofty Indian Institutes of Technology, and the granulate of their excursion.

The venture likewise denotes a valuation turnaround after TVF raised $6 million from Tiger in a down round esteeming it at $40 million. A down round is a point at which a company fund-raises at a valuation lower than its last round. TVF was esteemed at $62 million when it had raised $10 million from Tiger in February 2016.

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These types of companies really innovative and doing good in India because of the rising demand for entertainment consumption. Individuals who run behind the funding should learn from the TVF business model as they proved we should invest our own money in starting. They made shows like Pitchers in 2010 then they got funding in 2016 which is not an easy task. Earlier they don’t use to do brand integration but nowadays they do brand integration of $1 million dollars to $2.5 million dollars.

There are many things that our young entrepreneurs can learn from TVF. Hope you like this article, do comment below, check the Business section for more start-ups related articles.

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