Paatal Lok: 10 Facts about Amazon Prime’s Paatal Lok web series which you should know

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Amazon Prime presents Paatal Lok – A pure Indian crime thriller. Here are some interesting facts about Paatal Lok

The series of Amazon Prime’s Paatal Lok is a very hard-hitting crime thriller in which we see the story of a Delhi Police who investigates a failed assassination. Paatal Lok, Amazon Prime Video’s latest web series has been getting extraordinary critics from the viewers. This show has been produced by Anushka Sharma’s Clean Slate Films.

There is a lot of hype about the web series because the web series facing some legal actions in India for hurting the religious sentiments of different communities.

Many well-known actors can be seen in this series. Paatal Lok mainly features Jaideep Ahlawat, Abhishek Banerjee, Jagjeet Sandhu, Gul Panag, Neeraj Kabi, Swastika, Shama Sikander, and Mairembam Ronaldo Singh.

In this article, we will tell some interesting facts about Paatal Lok which you should know. We have also told some Spoliers here so make sure that you have seen amazon prime presents Paatal Lok so far.

1. Jamuna Paar to Paatal Lok

The show of this amazon prime was first to be named “Jamuna Paar” rather than Paatal Lok. But before the shooting, the web series was named Paatal Lok finalized. The viewers also liked the current name of the web series.

2. Jaideep Ahlawat is just Excellent in the show

Jaideep Ahlawat has worked with perfection in Hathi Ram Chaudhary’s character. Jaideep loved this role so much that he used to remember all the dialogues and scenes before shooting started.

During the shooting of the show, he never sought to see the script or dialogue because he remembered every scene very closely.

Apart from this, Jaideep Ahlawat also gained weight for this role. All the action and stunts scenes we see Jaideep doing in this web series, he has done it himself.

3. Abhishek Banerjee is the casting director

Abhishek Banerjee whom we see in the character of Vishal Tyagi formally know as Hathora Tyagi in the show is the casting director of the original show.

The creator of the show, Sudip Sharma, saw Abhishek’s performance in Stree and in Netflix’s show Mirzapur so he felt that Abhishek could suit perfectly Hatora Tyagi in the show.

Abhishek gave an audition like every actor which was liked by all. After seeing that audition, he was finalized for this role.

4. Abhishek wanted to play Imran Ansari’s Role

Abhishek Banerjee liked Imran Ansari’s role more than Vishal Tyagi. But Imran Ansari is played by Ishwak Singh, who is a character of an honest police officer.

Abhishek wanted to audition for Ansari’s character because before this Abhishek had never played the character of a police officer.

The character of Imran Ansari has a different value in the show “Paatal Lok”. At first, Abhishek did not find the character of Hathora Tyagi at all his type. At the time of casting, he did not even think that he would be cast in the role of Vishal Tyagi (Hathora Tyagi) in the end.

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5. Hathora Tyagi is not easy for Abhishek

It was not easy for Abhishek to prepare for Hathora Tyagi’s role as he had never played such a role before. In the series, Hathora Tyagi is a character who has done more than 40 murders with just a hammer, so it was difficult for Abhishek Banerjee to imagine something like this.

Abhishek told in an interview that he used to read crime reports and real-life crime stories all day to understand the mindset of a criminal. And it took them 2 months to prepare for this role.

6. Paatal Lok plot is similar to The Wire show

The story of Paatal Lok is very similar to The Wire show. The Wire has been a very popular series which was shown on HBO. In this, the police investigate illegal drug activity and like Paatal Lok in The Wire also we get to know the story of both criminal and cops’ actions.

Sudip Sharma, the creator of the web series Paatal Lok, also said in an interview that he always wanted to make a show like The Wire. If you like investigation and thriller, then The Wire is a must-watch.

This show is not as fast as today’s show but at one time it used to be the highest-rated show in the world which many filmmakers still take inspiration from.

7. Real transgender as Mary Lyngdoh

In the show, we see the character of Mary (Cheeni) who is transgender. In this role, Mairembam Ronaldo Singh is in the cast, who is a makeup artist from Manipur (Assam) and has nothing to do with the acting background.

The makers had decided that for this role only the transgender would be cast, for which the makers went to Manipur and they came to know about Mairembam.

Mairembam did not know Hindi, so she has classes to learn Hindi for a month, along with acting before the show.

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8. Renu’s real slap to Hathi Ram Chaudhary

The show involves a scene between Gul Panag and Jaideep Ahlawat where Hathi Ram’s character slaps Renu’s character. A few scenes later when Hathiraam comes back home, Renu slaps him back.

While shooting this scene, Jaideep got a painful slap and whatever we see in the scene of his reaction is all real.

9. Tope Singh is a Punjabi Sensation

The role of Tope Singh (Chaku) in the Paatal Lok web series is played by Jagjeet Sandhu, who is a very well known actor in the Punjabi movie industry. He has worked in many exempted Punjabi movies and his friends are also very positive.

When he was offered the role in Paatal Lok, he refused to do it. He said that this character is very dark and his fans would not like to see him in such a role.

After rejecting the role of Jagjeet Sandhu, Abhishek Banerjee spoke to him directly and told him the history of Tope Singh’s character and explained what has happened to him in the show, which will show the audience to understand the character better.

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Jagjeet heard about the history of the character, and he said yes to playing the role at the same time.

Jagjeet Sandhu on Paatal lok

10. Tope Singh is not a smoker in real life

In the show, we see Tope Singh’s character doing a scene habitual smoke but in reality, Jagjeet Sandhu does not smoke at all. For him, smoking was so challenging that after shooting those scenes he felt very uncomfortable.

He always used to sit in the open area outside the scene being scene completely.

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