Why Western Media hates India: Favoritism of International Media Portals against India

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You must have asked yourself this question: Why does the Western media always look negative to India or indirectly we can say why western media hates India, whether it be the New York Times, the BBC, the Guardian, the Washington Post, CNN, The Times, or many western other media portals.

On all these news portals, whenever there is a news article or an opinion publishes, it always shows India in a derogatory way or there is always some deficiency in them.

When the India Mars project was successful, the New York Times also posted a slanderous photo that you can see below.

India on mars

If you think that it started after the BJP government came to India in 2014, then it is not so. These things have increased since the arrival of the BJP government in India, but even before that the bubble pages of Manmohan Singh were also printed.

So today we will expose in this article Why western media hates India or Why Western media always tries to make India look down.

Eyes of Biasness

All the Western media portals are there, they look at the whole of India from a different point of view. That is the eye that writes articles for these international western media portals.

If we talk about Washington Post, The Times and New York Times, then people like Rana Ayyub, Barkha Dutt write articles.

Rana Ayyub who is popular for his anti-Hindu thoughts. She also wrote a book on Gujarat (India) which the court had said that her book is “Totally Work of Fiction”.

So you can imagine that when people write an article with an authority, then they tell anything about India which is accepted by a lot of people.

So people start looking at India with the same view. If we say in simple words, the journalists of these western media portals have bias thoughts towards any party or community.

And these people have not become bias from now, this thing has been going on for a long time.

With this bias, when all these journalists write articles on western media portals, it seems for us that all Western media portals speak against India. This is one of the most important reasons why western media hates India.

Fixed thought against India

Whenever we try to reach a topic like the topic, we collect proof for it. Fix thought means when you reach a conclusion despite not having any complete information. In the same fixed thought people who mostly read these news portals or work in these news portals.

Their audience is more people whose thinking is always towards someone. Just like they always think that India is only poor people in this third class country, India only has problems, nothing is ever right here.

And when they are reporting about it or writing an opinion with the same conclusion bias, they write the same inside that “there will be always something negative in India” and this is the reason that all these Western News portals give more space to those opinion pieces who criticize India more.

Whenever western media portals make a documentary over India, you will always find slum areas in it, so that only the problems can be highlighted. It is not that there is a shortage of high heights buildings in India.

India also have (why western media hates India)

Everything is available in India as well as buildings and slum areas, but their ideology does not support India’s good looks because the image that is created in their and their readers’ minds is fixed that India is a 3rd class country, here is just slums, only problems, and problems. That’s it!

There are also Western media portals praising India, but that’s not in a good number.

Business of Hate

In more cases, you can write an article and write a negative headline of it. These things are more moving and people see it more than the normal article. And these negative headlines articles create outrage within the audience which gives the publicity for free, visitors for free and they generates free revenue.

These things are done by every news organization. If you see a small example of this, you can see the image of the Times magazine cover page that came out in 2019, whose heading was India’s divider in Chief written by Aatish Taseer.

If you look at the cover page carefully, there was another article on this cover page named Modi The Reformer written by Ian Bremmer.

A lot of people shared this article and a lot of people also discussed it, but more attention went to Modi – India’s divider in chief. Because its headline itself was anti-controversial, due to which the media portals got much more benefit.

These media portals were known that these headlines will make things controversial and in the end, the media portal gets popularity. It’s all about the business of hate.

This business of selling hate is really popular among a lot of news organizations from being all sides (Left, Right, East & west).

Organizations led by Wokeness people

Western media portals are mostly run by the so-called Woke people or run by Social Justice Warriors. But there is always an aggressive bias inside these people that they always think that there is a “Right-Wing Government”, that is just wrong, they may not be doing good.

Unacceptable reports about India were also published earlier, but this has increased a lot since Narendra Modi came to Government India.

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Apart from this, some people give this argument that any government is there “Journalism always should be opposing the Government”. We also believe that this is a sign of good Journalism. But did these people do the same before?

You understand the case of the USA, before Donald Trump, it was Barack Obama’s Government, about it, a CNN reporter says that “We have ignored many things in the Obama Government, but in the same scenario, we do not ignore Trump but always arise questions to his work.”

So here you can see an example of clear favoritism and this bias exists between the Liberals or Leftists and the woke people of the world who are against the Right-wing Government across the world.

That is the case with India after 2014 and since then articles of western media criticizing India even when there is no ground of criticizing as a cringe for such media portals.

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So here is the reason which we explained above how International media always tries to defame India. Overall all these western media networks work on the same anti-India propaganda. We don’t support any party or community, but when it comes to our nation then we should speak.

This is our first article on Socio-Political issues, we will continue if we good response from you. I hope you liked this article and if you like then please share this for supporting us. Till then stay tuned with Snappernews.

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