Bedtime Routine: 5 Tips To Help Your Baby Fall Asleep Faster

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Written By Berry Mathew

The right dose of sleep is of great importance for the proper child’s development. Unfortunately, putting a toddler to sleep is not always one of the easy tasks. We offer several tips on slowing down your child before bedtime with the help of evening rituals.

How To Calm Down A Child Before Bedtime?

According to experts, the key element facilitating the toddler’s transition from daily activity to sleep is the inclusion of evening rituals to the daily routine, i.e. activities that will take place more or less at the same time, in a similar sequence, and according to an identical scenario.

An appropriate pre-sleep ritual allows the child to calm down and switch to sleep mode. The same activities repeated every day become a message for the child, “It is late, and you will go to sleep soon.” And over time, such rituals themselves become a stimulus that makes a kid sleepy. Just make sure not to feed your child right before sleep, even with healthy baby cereal, and not to play active games before bedtime. So, let’s take a look at five tips for helping your baby fall asleep faster.

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Proven Methods For Making A Baby Fall Asleep Fast

Here are the five steps to include in your baby’s pre-sleep routine to ensure a healthy sleep:

  1. Going to bed at the same time. When determining the time of falling asleep, consider the individual needs of the family and the child, the time of waking up, your child’s lifestyle, temperament, time of the year, and other factors.
  2. Calm and quiet games before bedtime. Start the evening routine with games adapted to the child’s age. Plan activities for the first half of the day, and before a night’s rest, decide on an evening walk with the baby or play together on a mat to the sounds of relaxing music and slightly dimmed light.
  3. Bath and massage. Another solution for silencing your baby before bedtime is a bath. Your baby will get calmer, and its muscles will relax after playing and working all day long. Ensure the water is of appropriate temperature, not too hot or cold, and add some relaxing oils to it. After wiping the baby, try a gentle whole body massage with baby oil.
  4. Brushing teeth. You must remember to brush your baby’s teeth in the mornings and evenings, starting from the time when the first tooth appears in the mouth.
  5. Books and lullabies. Are you still looking for ideas on how to calm down a toddler before going to bed? After putting on pajamas, you can read a book to your child, sing a lullaby, or turn on an audiobook. 

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Thanks to the regularity of the pre-sleep routine, your baby will know what will happen after each subsequent stage, which will help it to calm down and fall asleep faster and easier.