Things To Do When Involved In An 18-Wheeler Truck Accident.

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We all have witnessed how humungous 18-wheeler carriage trucks are. Imagine being in an accident with one of these. It would be truly disastrous for anyone to be involved in such mishaps. But unfortunately, these kinds of accidents happen, and people get seriously injured. 

The victims involved in these accidents are not fully aware of their rights and the compensation they could get and settle for very little. But not if you have a Houston truck accident Lawyer to back you up. A truck accident attorney can help you get compensation more than anyone else could usually be offered and prove your innocence in the case. 

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Here are some tips listed below that you must follow if you ever get into an 18-wheeler truck accident:

  1. Seek medical help immediately. Even if you have sustained minor bruises and cuts, you should call for a full body check-up. There could be injuries you could have got but are not visibly visible. Consult a medical professional and do a thorough body check-up.
  2. Treat yourself to all the medical facilities, including operations(if required). Your health is the number priority above anything else. The only thing you need to endure is collecting all the medical bills and filing them because you may need them while claiming your insurance. 
  3. Call the police on the spot, and cooperate with them throughout the investigation. The cops would sooner or later figure out whose fault it was. Additionally, you will have to ask for the report that the police have made for the accident, as this would also be needed for the insurance claims and for producing it in court.
  4. Call your lawyers, and explain what exactly happened on the scene. This would help them to build a robust case for you to win the trial. Your lawyer would take this a step ahead and find proof that would lead to finding the mistake of the opposing party. Moreover, your lawyer will negotiate with the insurance companies and the opposing party’s lawyers for compensation for loss and damage.

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Contact A lawyer!

You are in no way supposed to talk or negotiate any terms with the insurance companies agree on any terms until your lawyer has been briefed about it. Whether the crash has been caused by your negligence or by the truck driver’s fault, you must trust your truck accident attorney and let them do their job. 

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