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Just a year ago, TikTok wasn’t even that popular! Instagram and Snapchat dominated the online world, but today, it has over 1 billion monthly users. As the platform continues to gain global traction, creators don’t just have a few, rather a million others to compete with. At the same time, TikTok can be seen tweaking its algorithm, making it harder for accounts to rank on the ‘for you’ page. Safe to say, TikTok isn’t going anywhere, and it might not be a far stretch to suggest that the platform may, one day, surpass Instagram.

If you’re an aspiring creator struggling to get attention, don’t worry! It has nothing to do with your content. Getting seen doesn’t mean that you’re not a great creator; it simply means that you need a kick to get you started. So, is a perfect idea to pay a small fee for months of organic success? With these seven websites, you can buy Tiktok followers, likes, and views with confidence. Best TikTok Organic growth service 2021. Best app or Tools to increase TikTok followers.

Best sites to buy TikTok Followers

  • Tikviralme

Although relatively new to the scene, Tikviralme has proven itself worthy of being on the top of this list. Their website offers the best package on the market backed by highly affordable prices and reliable results. While this might sound generic to you, it’s not! The company has substance to its claims, and the compelling features of its packages are proof enough. 

Buying like or follows online is always a risky game. What if the company you pay uses bots? In such cases, your account can get flagged, suspended, or even completely disabled. Naturally, that’s a nightmare nobody wants to think about.

With Tikviralme, you get a steady growth of genuine likes and followers that TikTok does not deem ‘fake.’ The profiles interacting with your account have enough posts and pictures uploaded to qualify as real users. Plus, if you’re worried about followers dropping after some time, don’t be. Tikviralme customers vouch for its lasting results. To top it off, you are eligible for a complete refund if your account sees no growth within 48 hours of paying for the service. Rest assured, customers get access to a reliable support staff available to sort their queries at any time. 

In terms of pricing, Tikviralme is the unrivalled king. Plans start at just $1.48 for 100 followers and likes, whereas the minimum is $1.29 for 1000 views.

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  • Viralyft

As the name suggests, Viralyft will take your account from the ground and lift it to greater heights. The experts behind this company have been helping social media influencers and creators for enough time to know what it takes to make it big in the online realm. The best part is that they keep it simple, and you grasp the whole idea with a single scan of their website.

The followers provided are 100% real! They also claim to offer fast delivery, typically between 3 hours after purchasing their services. And no matter which audience you’re targeting, Viralyft can get international profiles to follow your account. Ultimately, this is their main differentiating factor. 

According to user-generated reviews, it is clear that the company ensures its clients get only genuine follows, likes and views. This offers an excellent opportunity for your account to get boosted in the algorithm. Customer support is also a huge plus point, especially considering that you can use the live chat feature on their website to talk about virtually anything related to your package. Their specialists have ample technical know-how of what to do, and more importantly, how to resolve your queries.

When it comes to price, Viralyft is promising, just not the cheapest of them all. Plans start at just $6.99 for 250 followers, $2.39 for 100 likes, and $3.99 for 5000 views.

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  1. Tiktok Fame

With a simplistic marketing approach that resonates with its name, TikTok Fame enables you to become a crowd favourite quickly. The company is among the many to make big claims; however, the difference is that this one does what it says. With genuine followers, you undeniably get the better end of the deal. 

Believe it or not, your account’s visibility can skyrocket in less than an hour! But how? Well, the answer is simple. Tiktok Fame shows your content to people who will be interested in it. Thus, their streamlined approach allows you to impress a targeted set of followers.

Another significant advantage is how easy it is to purchase a plan. You need only choose your desired package, make the payment and add your account details. Normally it take up to 10 minutes for the results to start showing. So, don’t be surprised when your follower count goes up drastically in the first hour.

The prices are moderately budget-friendly; thus, the road to fame won’t burn a hole in your pocket. However, the rates aren’t the most convenient considering cheaper options like Tikviralme are available in the market. Plans start at just $4.99 for 100 followers, $2.99 for 100 likes, and $1.47 for 100 views.

  • Getviral

Are you looking for actual organic growth and not just any TikTok followers? Then, GetViral is your best option. While the software does the work itself, it allows users a certain degree of control. 

Rest assured, this company doesn’t use any ‘banned’ methods to do its bidding. It is justifiably sufficient for all types of creators. Geo-targeting and audience filtering features are also enabled. 

Perhaps the most impressive feature is how everything happens in the back end without requiring you to market your profile to the TikTok community manually. The website claims to have served over 2000 TikTok accounts, some of which might include the names of your favourite influencers! 

While Getviral is a worthy contender, its prices aren’t the most market-competitive you can find elsewhere. That said, the results you get from your investment are bound to pave your way to long-lasting TikTok fame. Plans start at just $6.99 for 100 followers, $2.39 for 100 likes, and $3.99 for 5000 views.

  • Social Viral

Going viral on TikTok isn’t as easy as it once used to be. With millions of users tuning into the social media platform every single day, your content needs to be stellar to turn heads

That’s where social-viral comes in. Through an innovative approach to your popularity, the website offers much more than just the usual. Safe to say, even if you have just ten followers, Social-Viral can skyrocket that number altogether.

It has extensive range of plans to choose from, users can get anything from just a hundred followers to even thousands! Ultimately it improves their rank in the algorithm and overall visibility on the ‘for you’ page. Moreover, Social-Viral maintains its integrity throughout and beyond the end of its service. So, you can count on a slew of authentic followers rushing to your profile! Also, you aren’t required to submit anything sensitive such as account passwords that disapprove of claims against the company.

Users should also look forward to a speedy inflow of followers – fast enough to show results, yet gradual enough not to set off any alarms. Plans start at just $2.19 for 50 followers and likes, whereas the minimum payment required for views is $3.

  1. Famoid

If you’re looking for an entire pool of plans to choose from, go with Famoid. As one of the leading websites for Tittok creators, the company enables various selections that let you buy real followers. 

By far, this website seems to have nailed the follower-influx speed down to a T. You’re probably wondering what that is, so you might be surprised to know that the delivery typically starts within the first 60 seconds

Just like Tikviralme, Famoid gives its users their money back if they are unsatisfied with the results. An easy-to-understand online shopping experience boosts this. Such that, you don’t need to go through lengthy processes to get on board. Head over to their website, select a plan and pay.

As far as pricing goes, users must pay at least $4.99 for 1000 views and a minimum of $3.95 for 100 followers. Until the date of publication, the company doesn’t offer any service for buying likes on TikTok.


If you’re tired of all the growth services that promise lots and deliver nothing, turn your attention to This company has been around since before Tiktok blew up. Verily, it has ample experience improving an account’s social media search performance.

The advantages are plenty. Right off the bat, you get genuine followers that don’t just disappear after a few weeks. Plus, the way they’re driven to your account is also incredibly tactful so that no red flags are raised.

There’s also much more! Customers can rest easy knowing that their account will never be compromised because doesn’t engage in any suspicious activity. With real followers and affordable prices, your dreams of becoming TikTok famous are turned into reality.

Regardless, you can look forward to a quick service that doesn’t disappoint in the slightest. Plans start at just $6.5 for 250 followers, $2.20 for 100 likes, and $3.50 for 5000 views.

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