Best Supreme Bots for MacOS in 2022

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Written By Berry Mathew

What does Supreme offer buyers that other clothing brands don’t? Why would someone spend $3000 on a second-hand Supreme denim jacket without flinching? What is all this hype around this clothing brand? 

In all truth, Supreme has come a long way since hitting the market way back in the 90s. This is mostly due to endorsements from celebrities, clothing variety, and other ingenious marketing strategies. Today, releases cause a major stir in markets worldwide with die-hard fans, ranging from teenage rich kids to Instagram celebrities, coming together to discuss some of the merchandise they are looking forward to owning. 

The super popular brand has two seasons: Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer. Every Thursday during these seasons, the brand releases merchandise in what is known as drops. It is not surprising that these products sell in a matter of seconds online. Therefore, unless you utilize a reputable bot, getting your hands on these products will prove to be impossible. 

Bots: The Ultimate Tools for Purchasing Supreme Clothing in 2022

In simple terms, a bot is an online tool designed to perform repetitive tasks. With this in mind, Supreme bots are intended to purchase Supreme merchandise online on your behalf. These tools are beneficial since they make the buy in a matter of seconds, and given the high demand for Supreme products, bots are a must-have tool for dedicated buyers. 

With this information in mind, below are the top Supreme bots for MacOS in 2022: 

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ForceCop is a household name in the world of Supreme bots. It has risen above the ranks with top-tier features to become one of the best Supreme bots for MacOS users. Accordingly, some of its most popular features include keyword finder, size selector, manual CAPTCHA, and let us not forget its smooth interface. It is worth noting that ForceCop comes as a Chrome extension for MacOS users. You can also complement your experience with a Forcecop proxy.


Plugged is often viewed as a close competitor to ForceCop, given both these platforms offer similar features. With Plugged, you can schedule an unlimited number of tasks for the bot to handle once the drops come along. What’s more, the bot offers native proxy support, meaning you do not have to worry about detection. Finally, the bot offers a restocking option if you miss a drop. 


SupercopBot is a chrome extension with tons of benefits for MacOS users. For one thing, it has a size selector, and in case the set size is not available, it can purchase the next available size. 

While most sites have advanced mechanisms to detect and ban bots, SupercopBot has an advanced countering technique: checkout delay. Accordingly, most sites will monitor the purchase speed to detect bots. SupercopBot will delay checkout speed to become undetectable. Finally, this bot comes at a relatively pocket-friendly price compared to others on our list. However, there is one catch: the license will only last till the end of the season. 


TaskBot comes with an intuitive UI that will ensure that even a newbie easily figures their way around it. One of TaskBot’s most beneficial features is multithreading, which offers users lightning-fast capability. What’s more, the bot can multitask, which is also a beneficial feature for Supreme fans. 

The auto-retry feature enables the bot to try to send it again if a request fails. These are just a few of the goodies you get with the software. You can decide to boost it with a TaskBot proxy for even better functionality. Read more here for more information on the benefits you stand to gain by using proxies with TaskBot and other sneaker bots. 

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Kodai AIO 

In all truth, this bot will not get you as excited as others on our list. However, it is still an efficient tool for Supreme fans since it offers basic functionality that will help you get that limited-edition merchandise. Accordingly, some of the features available include native proxy support, CAPTCHA solver, and a size selector.  

The Takeaway

Supreme bots are an essential tool for any user seeking to get their hands on supreme merchandise. For the most part, this is due to the brand’s popularity worldwide, which means that the market is always anticipating drops. Therefore, it would be best to get yourself a reliable bot such as the ones listed above before any drop, as it significantly increases your chances of staying ahead of other buyers.