The scenario of health insurance in UAE for expatriates in 2022

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If you are planning to shift to UAE, you must know that health insurance for expatriates is a mandatory requirement now. When you move to UAE or, say, Dubai, you won’t have much knowledge about the medical insurance system in UAE. It would help take advantage of different medical insurance providers in the UAE, like the Bayzat. 

At the online service of Bayzat, you can find information on different types of health insurance in the UAE. If needed, you can get suitable medical insurance available for ex-pats online. Nonetheless, Bayzat will help you understand the healthcare system of the UAE. 

Surprisingly, the number of ex-pats in the UAE has drastically improved. So are the cost implications due to the development and expansion of medical insurance services in the UAE. 

The mandatory requirement of health insurance in UAE for ex-pats, along with various substantial changes in the healthcare system, has resulted in drastic changes in the scenario of health insurance in the UAE

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Brief on the healthcare system in UAE for ex-pat

At this point in 2022, essential changes in the healthcare system of UAE due to the Covid-19 pandemic and other significant changes have significantly changed the overall scenario of health insurance in UAE for good. The popularity of the UAE with its state-of-the-art advanced technology infused hospitals and healthcare system but has substantial costs involved. To know more about the developments in the health insurance sector of UAE, you can get them on Bayzat. 

Since you are an ex-pat living in UAE, you cannot enjoy the full benefits of the health insurance, or rather the healthcare system in the UAE as provided to UAE nationals. As an expatriate, you won’t get subsidized medical insurance or services in the UAE. Thus, you will have to consider getting the two types of medical insurance paying out of your pocket. 

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Private medical insurance in UAE

Ex-pats do not have full access to public health insurance in UAE. That is why many expatriates choose to get private health insurance in UAE. Even though health insurance is mandatory for ex-pats in the UAE, it is not yet fully implemented. Private health insurance policies offer many benefits and coverage to the ex-pats that even public health insurance does not provide. That being said, you can get a private health insurance plan via Bayzat in UAE. 

Public medical insurance in UAE

Suppose you are living in the UAE for work purposes. In that case, you will receive health insurance coverage from your employer due to all employees’ compulsory health insurance policy. 

The health insurance in UAE provided by the employer to its employees provides discounted healthcare services at the public healthcare centers. But, bear in mind that the services offered by the public healthcare facilities to the ex-pats are not of the best potential. 

As an ex-pat, you will be denied several healthcare services otherwise considered essential, like dental care. If you are fortunate enough to get public health insurance in the UAE, you must thoroughly check the policy document. Nonetheless, remember to carry your health insurance card in UAE as proof of a medically insured person. Find more about public health insurance in UAE on Bayzat. 

Pharmacy policies (prescriptions) in UAE

The Healthcare System in the UAE is different from what you may generally see in other countries or your native place. Therefore, when you move to UAE, learn about the various prescription rules or pharmacy policies followed. Bayzat has tons of information on such differences in the health care systems. 

Common differences that you would likely encounter in the UAE when getting a prescription sorted at a pharmacy might be as follows:

  • Standard drugs or medicines in other countries might not be readily available over the counter at the pharmacies in the UAE. Some of them might even be banned. 

  • In several regions of the UAE, drugs like anti-depressants and sleeping pills are also banned. You can obtain them in extreme conditions with a letter of proof and a prescription from the doctor. 

  • Essential services are accessible every hour of the day. So, if you require urgent medication, you can obtain the needed from the pharmacy by showing a valid prescription. 

  • As much as health insurance in UAE is costly, prescription medications are also expensive. Besides that, various essential healthcare treatments are generally more expensive for the ex-pats. 

  • In the UAE, ex-pats are not allowed to purchase any prescription medications at once. The limit is up to 3 months. You can get prescription drugs only for personal consumption. 

Overall, the healthcare system in the UAE has different policies for UAE locals and expatriates. Due to increased health casualties, the overall cost of health insurance in the UAE has risen. While you look for suitable health insurance in UAE, get complete information about it on Bayzat.