Celebrities Love Wearing PJs and Sweatpants in Public

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Sweatpants and Pjs were worn at night in the privacy of one’s home, but now they have turned into a statement of style by some big shot celebrities. It was found rather offensive to wear pajamas and sweatpants at home when some guest was visiting. Now, the notion has changed drastically. Comfort has taken precedence over fashion, but that does not mean that you cannot wear sweatpants with style.

Celebrities Wearing Pajamas

Many big celebrities have been seen wearing sweatpants in public and, hey! Why not? After all, they are humans too. May it be Megan Fox or Selena Gomez, they all love to flaunt their nightwear in public. It is not a recent development either. Rachel Roy brought the pajamas to the runway in 2009. Still, the way 2020 brought the pajamas and sweatpants to the fashion industry, nothing did before that.

The famous picture of Selena Gomez wearing royal blue pajamas with red lips and red stilettos was the talk of the town, and we haven’t forgotten that look yet. Gigi Hadid also wore the beautiful pale blue striped pajamas on the street of NYC. We cannot ignore Riri though, the girl wore a pink pajama set with a white lace bra with a pair of fuzzy slippers and stole hearts.


Last year, in quarantine, many celebs showed their pajama parties through the lens of Instagram. And did they steal hearts! Not only pajamas but sweatpants were made into a fashion statement by the A-listers.

Even the Duchess of Cambridge wore the sweatpants to the Wimbledon Junior Tennis Initiative. If royalty can wear sweatpants in public, then we mere mortals have some hope after all. Jlo paired her sweatpants with a fuzzy peach-colored sweater. How can we forget the famous airport of Meghan Fox with ripped sweatpants? The beauty rocked the look.

How Can You Style Sweatpants?

If celebrities can wear sweatpants and pajamas, so can we. But how to style beautiful pajamas and sweatpants according to the latest fashion. Here are some ways one can fashion sweatpants according to how the celebrities wore them:

  • Add a blazer
    Following Hailey Bieber’s footsteps, we can glamour up the simple set of sweatpants by adding a blazer. A blazer added to any outfit can work wonders, but adding that to sweatpants can cause miracles to happen for your style Vlone Shop.
  • Wear Heels
    Like how Priyanka Chopra wore heels with the sweatpants, let us not forget Kim Kardashian, who wore heels with grey sweatpants and a pink top.
  • Chunky Necklaces
    Many A-list celebrities and even TikTok celebrities chose to wear chunky necklaces with a pair of sweatpants and a bun with glasses. It looks hip and modern.
  • Wear Denim
    Denim can never go out of style; that is a given. Adding a good denim jacket to a black crop top and grey sweats looks comfy and stylish at the same time. You can look fashionable and comfortable. Just as a win-win situation in any case.
  • Add a scarf
    If it’s cold out there, add a scarf and knit hat, and your look is complete. This look will not only make you look classy but also will help you avoid the cold weather.
  • Wear Makeup
    Ok, we know that sweats are meant to be comfortable; you shouldn’t have to make an effort. Still, we are trying to make sweatpants fashionable, so a simple makeup look with bold red lips will be more than enough.

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Online Shops

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You should not shy away from wearing sweatpants and pajamas in public. If our fashion idols can wear them in public and make headlines with them, we can look good while doing it. You should add the right accessories, and you are ready for runaway.