Confused Where to Vacation? 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Singapore!

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Hearing the name Singapore, surely what you think is a small country in Southeast Asia. Singapore is famous for being a modern, orderly and clean country. So, many tourists from all over the world, especially Asia, choose Singapore to visit when the holidays arrive.

The most important thing when having vacation time in Singapore is many places to stay, such as the Fairmont Singapore Hotel. Currently, you can book hotels more easily through the Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp application or website.

Just imagine, if the country you are visiting doesn’t have comfortable accommodation, of course, your vacation can be chaotic. In addition, there are many other reasons to consider why you choose Singapore for your vacation this time.

Singapore is Safe

If you have a question, what is the safest country in Asia to visit? The answer is Singapore. This country is very safe and clean. With a meager crime rate, the citizens and tourists visiting Singapore will feel safe. You can even walk around in the city at midnight without any fear or worry.

However, in tourist attractions, there always exists a possibility of petty crime in tourist attractions, like thieves. So, you must still be aware when in a crowd.

Multicultural City

You can see a lot of cultural diversity in Singapore running in harmony. Therefore, there will be many things that you can find in this country, from the diversity of food, experience, culture, to handicraft gifts with different styles.

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The Price of Food in Singapore is Cheap

Some tourists choose Singapore for a vacation because it provides a wide variety of food choices. From Singapore cuisine to foreign countries food. The price of food in Singapore is not expensive, it can be said that the price is cheap.

Places you must visit if you want to taste Singaporean food. Places you must visit are Bugis Street, Haji Lane, China Town, and Little Indian. Meanwhile, you must try some foods that are only available in Singapore, such as: Hokkien Prawn Mee, Kaya Toast, Singapore Chicken Rice, and so on. Pamper your tongue in Singapore without having to spend a lot of money.

Then there is very interesting news for durian lovers. In Singapore, there are a lot of durian fruits. You can find it in every place and smell it when visiting this country, especially in the markets.

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Many Tourists Attraction
No need to be confused about where to go if you are on vacation in Singapore. In this country, there are many tourist attractions. You can find a lot of decent beaches in Singapore. Beach in Singapore is very pretty for a weekend hangout.

When visiting this country, staying a night or two at the Marina Bay Sands hotel is a must-try at least once in life. There is the most beautiful infinity pool in Asia that you can try. Take your photo in this place with a fantastic Singapore city background and share it on social media.

In the night, go to Clarke Quay. This place is very great to start your night. You will have a fantastic night in Singapore. Then, don’t forget to visit Orchard. In this place, you will see everything that you can’t find in other places. Many boutiques in Orchard, from high-end to local brands.

Public Transport Can Be Found Easily

The last but not least reason why you should choose Singapore for vacation is the public transport. Tourists can more easily visit other places using the train (MRT) Singapore. This public transport is very efficient and worth it across the city. Also, MRT in Singapore is not expensive and air-conditioned.

No need to hesitate to visit Singapore. There are many things you can find in this small country. While on vacation in Singapore, don’t forget to book a hotel via Traveloka. Find various conveniences and special prices only at Traveloka!

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