Correct Behavior After a Traffic Accident

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A moment’s inattention on your part or on the part of another road user can result in you being involved in a traffic accident. The consequences can range from minor body damage to personal injury resulting in death. Whether the accident is minor or major, you should be aware of your rights after a traffic accident so that you behave correctly and do not have to fear any disadvantages. But how do you behave properly after an accident?

Secure the scene of the accident and call the police

Immediately after a traffic accident, the first thing to do is to secure the scene of the accident. Care should be taken not to endanger yourself, especially if the accident is in a blind spot, on the freeway, or in the dark.

You should then get a brief overview of the accident damage and any injuries and dial the emergency number. In the event of major property damage and, above all, personal injury, the police must be informed so that an ambulance can be sent if necessary. You can also contact a personal injury lawyer at this stage. Sullivan & Galleshaw, LLP has the best Queens injury attorney if you are injured within that region.

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Uphold your right to remain silent

If the crash was your own fault, you often have to expect a fine for an alleged administrative offense, even in the case of minor property damage. If there was personal injury or if a person involved in the accident was even killed, you may be charged with negligent bodily harm or negligent homicide.

If you are the key suspect of committing an administrative offense of negligent bodily harm or manslaughter, you as the accused have the right to remain silent. In this case, you only have to provide information about yourself but say nothing that could incriminate you. Your justified silence must not result in any disadvantages for you.

Do not admit guilt

Even if you think you caused the carnage yourself, you should not admit guilt. A school acknowledgment is difficult to withdraw and can lead to problems in a later process.

In addition, an acknowledgment of guilt can mean that the insurance company may refuse to settle claims after the accident. Then you have to pay for the damage yourself, which can quickly result in high sums even in the case of minor damage.

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Hire a traffic law attorney

Traffic law is very complex, and many factors often play an essential role in an accident. So that you neither pay something unjustly nor claim your rights, you should contact a lawyer or a specialist lawyer for traffic law after a traffic accident.

A lawyer specializing in traffic law is well versed in this area of ​​law, knows current judgments, and can, if necessary, enforce appropriate compensation for pain and suffering or other claims.

Who pays the costs for a lawyer after an accident?

If you were not to blame for the accident, the opposing insurance company must reimburse you for your legal fees. If you are partially to blame, the opposing insurance company must at least partially cover your legal fees. As a rule, the lawyer collects his fees accordingly within the framework of the regulation.


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