How To Download Applications Through The Google Play Store

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Written By Berry Mathew

Google has a worldwide mobile operating system called Android. Android is used by some people in the world because the operating system continues to update or update. In addition, many companies are now more interested in creating Android smartphones and selling them at relatively cheap prices. One of the advantages possessed by Android is that it frees its users if they want to download applications. Not only that, Android also has several applications ranging from paid and non-paid applications. If you want to download an application, you can use the Google Play Store on your android.

Easy Ways to Download Applications on the Google Play Store

For those of you who are Android smartphone users and currently want to download an application, then you can use the Google Play Store which is usually already on your smartphone. To download it yourself is easy. You only need to do the following ways:

  • Must Have Gmail Account

The first way for those of you who want to download applications on the Google Play Store is to have an email account from Google Mail. So this is the main requirement if you want to download an application on your android smartphone. If you don’t have gmail, you can create one first. Take it easy, the creation of a gmail account is easy and the time it takes is relatively fast.

  • Search for the Google Play Store App on an Android Phone

Then, for those of you who already have a Gmail account at this time, you can return to your Android home screen and then look for the Google Playstore application. If you are already in the application, you can enter the main page and then tap the apps button.

  • Select Application Category

After tapping the apps button, you will be taken to the category page. On this page you will see various types of application categories that can be downloaded, starting from games, live wallpapers, books and magazines, medical and health, social, entertainment and so on. Select a category that you want to download. For example, you want to download the WhatsApp application, then you can select the communication category.

After selecting the category, you will see that there are tons of applications that are in the communication category. Scroll your screen until you reach the WhatsApp application that you want to download. For this application, it is usually in the top position because it has the most users. Aplikasi judi bola is the most app with any others gambling game. 

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  • Click the Application You Want to Download

If you want to download the WhatsApp application, just click install. Wait a few moments until the application can be installed on your Android phone. Please note that the speed in this download process really depends on the internet network you have. So if the internet network on your Android phone is fast and smooth, of course the download and installation process will run fast too. If the application is already installed, then you can exit the Google Play Store application.

  • Search for the Settings Menu

If you have found the desired application, you can go to the new settings menu then tap the app. Later you will see some of the applications that you have downloaded. Likewise with the WhatsApp application that was just downloaded earlier. You can tap the application and then you will enter the application manager. Here you can move the application to the SD card only. Because if you don’t move the application, it will usually make your cellphone performance slow because storage space fills up faster.

If you want to download other applications via the Google Play Store, for example aplikasi judi bola, you can do the same way. Android gives its users the freedom if they want to download applications, whether paid or not. But in terms of downloading applications, you have to pay attention to whether the downloaded application is really needed or not.

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Don’t download the app if you just want to follow the trend. Because too many applications will make your Android phone’s working system slower. And you have to use external memory to store downloaded applications. Because with this external memory, your cellphone usually remains light even though you already have many applications and are running them at the same time.