Tips On How To Study Mathematics Alone In Self Study

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Written By Berry Mathew


Mathematics is considered challenging by most. Still, math is a subject that is required in numerous disciplines and is widely applicable in real life. 

Similarly, most math-based careers tend to be in demand and pay significantly well. 

While your studies will include class time and group work, you will also be required to put in some individual study as well. Here are some tips on how to study math alone. 

1. Create a Conducive Environment

This tip goes for math and other subjects you will study pre-graduation. 

Studying alone means you are at home or in your dorm room, though you can also choose to use a classroom or the library. 

A major misconception has been that you have to study in the quietest place you can find; this is not entirely true. Some people learn optimally in silence, while some need music or something else. 

There is no right or wrong. The goal is to find out which environment helps you study the best and create it. 

2. Draw a Study Plan

If you are successful at solo study, you need to create a plan and follow it. 

One way to go about it is to determine how much you want to cover within a set duration; this will help with goal setting

Think about where you are at and what you want to achieve. Then break this down into individual study sessions to benchmark yourself. Ensure that your goals move progressively through the course syllabus so that you study step by step. It also helps you venture into extreme depths. 

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3. Get The Right Resources

When studying under an instructor, you do quizzes that are marked to complete the feedback cycle. This loop is broken with solo study, and it can be challenging to gauge understanding without the right resources. 

When embarking on solo math study, get a few solved problems and solution manuals textbooks. 

These provide numerous problems to solve and then provide formulas, step-by-step solution guides, and answers. 

These help you learn to test your knowledge to see how comfortable you are with a topic before moving on to the next one. If you find yourself struggling to solve math problems completely, the next step should help. 

4. Get Help

Solo study does not mean you have to struggle through your work; this does not help you perform better. 

All it does is make you feel stuck and get increasingly frustrated. 

If you find yourself stuck or struggling, ask yourself these questions to help you come up with solutions:

  • What is the exact challenge?
  • Will giving this more time help me progress forward?
  • Is there someone who can help me do my homework online?
  • Is this problem stemming from a lack of understanding of the topics at hand or inadequate resources

These questions will help you clarify the problem, which is a step away from getting a solution. 

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 5. Focus on Concept-Based Learning

Some students feel like all they need to do is memorize how to solve a problem, and they are home and dry. 

Well, this is not entirely true and is not a good way to learn. Memorization depends on short-term memory; this makes it easy to forget crammed information. 

It would help if you instead aimed at engaging more deeply with learned concepts. One way to do this is by understating applications. Try to take formulas apart and understand why they are applicable and how they ultimately help you solve a math problem. 

You are likely to learn math better and perform better by going about this way than by memorizing.