How to grow your Instagram Account?

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Written By Berry Mathew

You might spend hours shooting a video or editing a particular photo, hoping to get a great response from your followers when you post. Eventually, when you post it, you realise that you have received fewer likes than expected and no comments. You spend the rest of the day wracking your brains, trying to understand what went wrong? If this describes your Instagram strategy so far, this article might be for you. So keep reading-

When Instagram was first launched in the early 2010s, it was a simple photo-sharing app and nothing more. It had fewer options when compared to other social media sites and didn’t show much potential in terms of ‘social networking.’ But the app did take the concept of social media to the phone, making it simpler and easier to access. Like the app, Insta Video Downloader is also easy to access. These sites are mobile-friendly and fast. 

Keeping those concepts in mind, the developers at Instagram went on to add more content options and messaging features. The app’s growth in terms of evolution and popularity has been constant ever since.

Fast forward to 2022, Instagram remains in the top 3 social media sites with over 5 billion monthly users.

With the rise of social media, we saw two career paths shining brighter than people would have expected. Those are content creation and influencer marketing. With the introduction of Instagram’s in-app shopping features (thanks to the pandemic), the demand for content creators willing to promote brands skyrocketed. What was once a simple social media app has now become the marketplace for brands regardless of size. 

So if you are a content creator and believe Instagram is the right platform for you, then keep reading because we will show you how to grow your Instagram Account. Instagram Story Saver can be useful tools to help you in your Influencer journey.

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Enhance your Instagram bio

Ensure that you utilise all 150 characters. Your Instagram bio describes who you are, what you stand for, and the desired outcome you want others to have after viewing your profile. Use your ‘link-in-bio’ option judiciously because it’s the only clickable link you have on Instagram. While some businesses provide a consistent link to their website, others often update it to reflect new content. But if you want to simplify things for yourself, use link-in-bio solutions like Start Page, which let you transform a single link into a collection of links.

Think about adding a unique hashtag as well.  Using the approved hashtag in your bio, you make it clear to others which hashtags to use to get your attention. In addition, posts from followers who have used the hashtag will be visible when someone taps on it. This brings us to our next point –

Figuring out the right hashtags

Your objective on Instagram should be to engage your established audience while attracting more genuine followers regularly. The first criteria may be met by posting unique, exciting pictures, but if you want to expand, hashtagging your photos will become highly relevant. By using hashtags, you make it simple for people who are looking for those particular phrases to discover your content.

What hashtags should you therefore use? Instagram users prioritise using some hashtags above others, much like on Twitter and other social media platforms. Popular Instagram hashtags increase your chances of being noticed and connecting with new people. Hashtags also work wonders, especially when you post at the right time. 

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Finding the right time to post 

When to post on Instagram to get the most engagement is a question that no one can definitively answer. However, there are methods for determining the best hours for your audience.

Use Instagram Insights first to ascertain the times that your audience is online. From your Instagram business profile, select “Insights,” then go to “Your Audience” and select “See All.” To identify the times your audience is most active, go to the bottom of the page.

Additionally, consider the occasions when your information will be most relevant. A step-by-step recipe video, for instance, would do better outside of working hours since more people are likely to be cooking.

Be consistent in your ‘content’ game.

According to a study of several industries, businesses typically share four Instagram posts per week. However, we advise posting at least once every day. Brands with a consistent content strategy on Instagram usually see the best outcomes. A study found regular content creators gain followers more quickly than less active users.

Consistency is essential for having your posts viewed on Instagram because of its algorithmic timeline. Instagram’s algorithm will probably place your posts at the top of your followers’ feeds if they receive a lot of constant sharing and engagement. Naturally, quality is always preferred above quantity, and higher engagement rates do not always result from frequent posting. Concentrate on producing material that will appeal to your audience. You can maintain consistency on Instagram by using scheduling tools directly from the app rather than worrying about posting every day.

Engage your competitor’s audience

This tip might sound a little sneaky, but it’s always good to give your competitor’s audience a chance to find out who is better. Identifying and interacting with your closest rival’s followers is one of the simplest yet effective strategies to grow your following. By following your competitors’ profiles, these people have already expressed some interest in the products you deal with.   By interacting with them, you can acquire the following of your direct competitors. You can interact with Instagram users in several ways, and the more effort you put into it, the more followers and level of collaboration you’ll earn.

Grabbing the attention of your competitor’s followers on Instagram is easy. Follow their accounts and wait. After a while, go ahead and like one of their posts. To make sure that they notice, you can post a comment. Your comments must be genuine and not generic statements like nice, excellent, awesome, etc. This effort might be a little time-consuming, but trust me, it will be worth it. Say if you have followed, liked and commented for 100 users, you will at least get 34 per cent of users following you back. 

Use Geo-tags

In addition to using hashtags, you can increase the visibility of your Instagram posts and Stories by adding a location tag. This location tag may be either the city you’re in or the photo or video location. When you use the location sticker in your own Stories, you may add it to a place’s Instagram feed, precisely like you do with hashtags. By routinely posting to these feeds and engaging in posts from potential consumers who are physically nearby, local firms may optimise the effectiveness of location tags.


You should routinely offer your target audience high-quality content if you desire constant growth on Instagram. An average social media strategy for individual accounts is alright, but businesses need to be more organised. You can use all the strategies we mentioned to increase your Instagram following, but they can’t all be checked off at once. It’s critical to maintain control over your social media content strategy. Post scheduling takes time, and constant engagement management can be a challenge.