What Attracts Bugs To Your House?

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Written By Berry Mathew

Like humans, bugs need food, water, and shelter for survival. If you notice the appearance of bugs at your home, it is time to consider what factors may be contributing to their arrival at your place. Contact Boston ant control to get the benefits of professional services and swiftly get rid of ants and other pests.

The following are some of the common reasons for pest infestations

  • Stagnant water

Stagnant water in pet bowls or bird baths attracts several insects. They are unhygienic and facilitate the breeding of mosquitoes. Make sure to check for parts that may have standing water for an extended period and clean them regularly to avoid pest infestation.

Dampness in basement can also be a hidden attractor for bugs. Basements with moisture issues create an ideal environment for various pests, including silverfish, centipedes, and roaches. These pests thrive in damp conditions, so it’s essential to address any basement dampness problems to keep your home bug-free.

  • Improper cleaning

Insects love trash and filth. Dirty and cluttered houses are their favorites. Trash buildup is one of the significant reasons for the arrival of insects at your house. However, you can prevent it by adequately cleaning all parts of your house and ensuring that no cluttered area becomes a breeding ground for pests.

  • Wood Piles

Stacking logs against the exterior of your house is very harmful as it can lead to termite infestation and ruin your house from the outside and inside.

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  • Cardboard boxes

Termites and cockroaches love feasting on paper products. Make sure to get rid of unneeded cardboard and paper products.

  • Cracks and gaps

Bugs enter your house through crevices and gaps in windows or doors. To avoid that, ensure all the cracks in your home are filled and maintained. Moreover, it will prevent the entry of insects and keep your house safe.

  • Overripe fruits or vegetables

Fruit flies love to feast on overly ripe foods. It is essential to keep a check on your fruit basket and regularly inspect if some items are past their consumable stage. Make sure to keep your fruits or vegetables in refrigerators or tight containers and consume them within the right amount of time before they start rotting.

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  • Drains that are not actively used or clogged up

Dormant or clogged drains are the perfect breeding spots for flies. The slimy film present in them attracts the drain flies.

  • Warmth

When the weather gets chilly, bugs seek coziness and comfort. The house is perfect for providing warmth during cold weather.

  • Food crumbs

If the food crumbs are not adequately cleaned, they can attract roaches and ants.

  • Dirty dishes

The piling up of uncleaned dishes for a long period attracts several pests. It is essential to clean the dishes daily and avoid them being the center of attraction for insects.