How to take care of your lawn in the rainy season?

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Written By Berry Mathew

Since spring is at its peak everywhere, soon there would be rains before the arrival of summer, and the people are going to rejoice their lives in the cool breeze and rain. But the rains are not a good thing for everyone and everything around. Excessive rains can be deficient for the streets and houses, but even if the average percentage of rain remains consistent, it can be hard to bear on your lawn. The rainfall every day can be damaging for your lawn and can cause you stress as well.

But getting the proper knowledge for how to deal with the lawn on the rainy days can get you out of stress and trouble. If you know how to manage things on a rainy day, you will turn the excessive rain into something fruitful for your lawn. 

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Here we are with the tips that would help you take good care of your lawn on rainy days to help you out with it. You can consult the services of the professionals such as the lawn care service Georgetown TX if you feel that things are getting out of hand. But otherwise, it is simple and easy to tackle the rains with the help of the following tips.

  • Do not mow your lawn when it is wet.

The worst thing that can happen to your lawn is to mow it when it is wet. A wet lawn that has just seen the rains should not be mowed, firstly because mowing the wet grass would turn it into a huge mess. Secondly, the grass’s damage and the equipment used for cutting would get way too much damage. So let the lawn dry out first, and then consider the process of mowing.

  • Do not walk on the grass.

When your lawn is wet, you should not walk on the grass because the wet blades could be broken easily with the feet. Walking on the wet grass will give it a rumpled look, and the lawn would not look fresh the way it usually does.

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  • Try to fertilize before the rain.

If you get the news about the rains in your area before starting, you can fertilize the lawn before the rain. The fertilizer serves best when it reaches the roots properly, and the rain can help it healthily reach the roots. But if it has started to rain already, then you are not recommended to fertilize your lawn.

  • Check for the health of the lawn.

When it is raining, and the lawn is flooding with water, the moss and the fungus are most likely to grow. So keep a check on the lawn to know whether there is some contamination growing there. And if you come across some issue, make sure you deal with it in time but only when you are wearing proper Hunting Boots and gloves and treat any wounds there.