The Komatsu Excavator Rally: The Best of the Best in the UAE

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Written By Berry Mathew


It was a battle unlike Daytona, F1 or the Indy 500, even more breath-taking than a monster truck extravaganza, it was a contest of behemoth organised by Komatsu. The Komatsu Excavator Contest held in Abu Dhabi was a sight to behold as operators pitted their skills against each other whilst sitting inside their gigantic earthmovers. 

The contest was akin to making elephants sit on a tiny stool, despite the fact that the contest was intended to promote the Komatsu brand, it was awe inspiring to say the least. Ashraf Hasish the head of marketing for the Komatsu brand in the Middle East was not too far of his mark with regards to creating exposure for the brand’s technology. 

This is based on the fact that among the tasks lined up for the operators included delicate tasks such as managing an oscillating ball using the boom and placing it inside a tube. The first to accomplish all these tasks in sequence were:

  • Bilal Ali from Abdulla Al Qamzi Transport & General Contracting, 
  • Said Elsayed from Saif Al Jabri General Contracting & Transport 
  • Haytham Zeyada from Emirates Roads Contracting Co

These three professional operators won the Komatsu Excavator Operator Contest 2017 in Abu Dhabi. The contest organised by Komatsu’s exclusive dealer in the UAE (Galadari Trucks and Heavy Equipment Co) saw operators being forced to think on their feet while having to be nimble while trying to accomplish the given task. 

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The entire event was formulated to establish the Komatsu’s brand in the Middle East, and consolidate the brand’s relationship with machine operators who had a big say towards heavy equipment procurement for the employers that they worked with and the contest in essence enabled Komatsu to showcase their latest machine technology. Construction projects are becoming more complex and as such it has become for these large powerful machines to be able to perform delicate work which require more control and accuracy. 

According to the GM of Galadari these operators are indeed the hidden soldiers, and such contests enable the brand to remain relevant to excavator operators and subsequently to the construction industry that would not be able to move forward as they do at present without these machines at their disposal. The excavators that were used in the contest boasted the latest excavator capabilities associated with hydraulic coupling systems. 

The stability, control factors, user friendliness of these machines based on reviews is off the chart according to other operators who had the opportunity to test these latest models by Komatsu. Such events seem to be critical to heavy machine manufacturers as it gives them the opportunity to showcase the latest technological additions to these earth movers which are considered critical to the construction and excavator hire industry. 

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Based on event participants what can be summarised is that Komatsu emphasizes elements such as control factor, ergonomics, stability mobility and fuel saving apart from robustness which the company has already established a reputation among the big players.