How University of Phoenix’s Gregory Becoat Builds Community

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It is difficult to think of another period of history when being an educator brought with it as much uncertainty as it does now. As remote learning becomes more prevalent, educators must design novel strategies for keeping their classrooms cohesive, engaged and inspired. For University of Phoenix, the educational challenges introduced by COVID-19 were not entirely unfamiliar. The University has more than a million alumni and about 75,000 students, and celebrates its ability to make an online education feel equally as, if not more, communal as in-person classes. 

More than just decades of experience makes University of Phoenix uniquely adept in remote learning. While the University expands its services to socially distanced students looking to get ahead in their academics during the pandemic, other higher education institutions may still struggle to find their footing. With guidance from insightful, one-of-a-kind faculty, the University continues to build a tight-knit academic community with remote learning models. Instructors like Gregory Becoat consistently enhance each student’s University of Phoenix experience by fusing professional, academic and personal development into their curriculums. 

Who is Gregory Becoat?

Gregory Becoat first embarked on his academic journey in Hempstead, Long Island, New York. As a child, he favored his arts and sciences classes. Becoat is a graduate of both Howard University and the University of Maryland, College Park. In 2008, Becoat completed his Master of Public Health degree from The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Today, he instructs both general biology and environmental science courses at University of Phoenix. In addition to running his online courses, Becoat also conducts research at the Environmental Protection Agency. 

Becoat’s tireless work ethic shines through in every professional commitment he makes. He not only has a broad-based, multidisciplinary career in the sciences; he is a musician, too. His career in gospel music includes a guest appearance on the Bobby Jones Gospel Show, a program that highlights up-and-coming gospel singers. Becoat actively participates as a praise and worship team member at the Effectual Praise and Worship Center near his New Jersey home. He resides in the Garden State with his wife, Xiomara, and their three daughters.

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Becoat’s Teaching Contributions to University of Phoenix

Becoat’s career demonstrates how his passions make a tangible impact on everything that crosses his path. The impact is even clearer when considering his teaching methods. In his general biology and environmental science courses, Becoat implores that students consider the real-world applications of his coursework. Discussions frequently center on congressional legislation such as the Clean Water Act. 

Becoat’s instruction demonstrates his commitment to pushing his students to think outside of societal norms. His techniques also attest to his tenacity for social justice. He encourages his students to reflect on how public policy shapes the nation’s abundance of sustainable natural resources or lack thereof, similar to the Clean Water Act’s impact on the Flint, Michigan, water crisis. Becoat’s curriculum also includes an analysis of the struggles with air pollution in Birmingham, Alabama, in the 1960s. Says Becoat, “As an African American male, I like to look at survey statistics while connecting issues impacting my community.” 

Since Becoat puts such an earnest effort into designing curriculums that reflect his values, it is no surprise that his personable approach with students also goes the extra mile. He begins each of his early mornings with check-ins to address any questions and concerns raised by students. Becoat’s belief that you reap what you sow helps foster student-teacher mentorship long after instruction ends. Current and former students often ask him to write recommendations when pursuing a new professional or academic opportunity.

Thanks to instructors like Gregory Becoat, pursuing a remote education during the COVID-19 months creates an exciting, thought-provoking experience on what makes success attainable. Says Becoat, “If you love what you do, it makes life easier.” University of Phoenix is grateful for Becoat’s thoughtful approach to science instruction as well as his commitment to growing his student’s intellectual boundaries.

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