Yard Sign Marketing – Pro Tips to Get It Right the First Time

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Written By Berry Mathew

For cash-strapped local businesses, it can be tough to find ways to advertise their businesses, with virtually all methods costing a bomb. However, smart small business owners keen on driving footfalls to their stores can consider using yard signs because not only do they have high impact but also very affordable. Some tips to make your yard sign marketing deliver a high ROI:

Use a High-Contrast Design

Even though it may be obvious, far too many people get enamored with their designing capabilities and end up using similar colors for both the background and the text. Remember, these signs will need to be read from a distance, and being subtle with the color scheme does not work. You must make sure that the color of the text is in sharp contrast with the background to facilitate easy reading. Also, appreciate that many people are colorblind, so use the colors judiciously and use large-format text.

Stick with Single-Sided Yard Signage

Even though putting your advertising message on both sides of the signboard may seem advantageous, find a spot that offers clear visibility from both sides to oncoming traffic is quite difficult. It is, therefore, wiser to put your advertising message on only one side of the yard sign and align it in the best possible manner so that both pedestrians and drivers can easily read it. You may need to buy blank yard signs, but it is well worth the additional investment.

Keep the Message Direct and Simple

Since yard signs are read on the go, you will need to keep your advertising message brief and direct. According to Forbes, the message must be kept very simple. The fewer words you use, the better will be the impact. Shorten the address and drop the area code from the phone number to promote easy comprehension. Even if you have several products or services, include only one with the biggest perceived value, instead of cluttering up the sign. The point of the sign is to get traffic to your store, after which you can provide the details of your other product and services. A compelling call-to-action is the best content for your yard sign.

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Include Your Logo Only If It Is Well-Known

Most small business owners may find it hard to acknowledge that most of their potential customers may barely know the business name, let alone recognize the logo. A logo can take up a lot of space on a yard sign, and it makes sense to include it only if your business logo is well-known, otherwise, it is just a waste of precious space. It is good to follow the GHS  standards to communicate something more valuable. GHS is a popular set of standards to compete the logo design difficulty that is used for Classification and Labelling.

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It is good to keep reminding yourself that the point of yard sign advertising is to drive potential customers to your doorstep. Include only what is necessary and forget the frills. Use direct text, using typefaces that are easy to read from a distance. Putting your phone number in a reverse color can serve to highlight it. Make it a point to declutter the sign by including lots of white space.