iPhone 12 Pro

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So, you’re probably thinking about getting your hands on an iPhone 12 Pro, right? You’ve seen it online and love the look of it, or maybe you’ve had an iPhone before and are just ready for that upgrade? Well, look no further than this right here, as we’re here to talk about the size you can expect from your iPhone 12 Pro.

The Size of iPhone 12 Pro

If you’re familiar with Apple products, you’ll know full well that iPhone’s tend to get bigger and bigger as the new releases come out, and the size of the iPhone 12 Pro is, for the most part, no different to that rule.

The only exception to the rule is that the iPhone 12 Pro is actually the same dimensions and size of the iPhone 11 before it, but in slightly less overall, meaning the circuitry inside it has been fine-tuned to fit the updated product.

The iPhone 12 Pro itself actually meets the same dimensions as the iPhone 12 product. Naturally, being a “Pro” product it comes with more camera options and more storage space to make use of which puts it at a higher price on the market, but it’s definitely worth it if you were to get your hands on one.

Dimensions of the iPhone 12 Pro

So let’s take a look at the dimensions that we’re working with when it comes to the size of the iPhone 12 Pro. We’ll include as much as we can to get you the best idea of what the phone has to offer.

Dimensions (mm): 146.7 x 71.5 x 7.4mm

Display size (resolution): 6.1 inch OLED. 2,532 x 1,170 pixels

So, the dimensions are nice and large when held in the hand and the display size to match makes it much easier to view everything that you’ll need to be reading when it comes to what you’re looking at on your phone. Whether you need to view a text from a colleague, watch an interesting video or simply just browse your favorite news site, the display size of the iPhone 12 Pro is a great tool for the phone.

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The iPhone 12 Pro clearly offers a lot of advantages when it comes to looking at the size it offers, both in its physical dimensions and its display screen. It’s the most impressive Apple phone yet with a great set of dimensions, just big enough to fill your hand nicely but not too big that it’ll be overbearing in your jacket or jean pocket.

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The display size is also a great tool which will help your eyes worry less about straining to try and see small text or little details in videos. The iPhone 12 Pro has come a long way since its predecessors and the size is definitely a great example of this.

Remember, it isn’t bigger than the iPhone 11 itself, nor is it bigger than the iPhone 12, but the technological advancements it offers over them are second to none.