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Along with various other factors, resumes play an important role in landing a job for you. To get noticed by employees and stand out in the competition, your resume must also stand out. As it is the first impression of you in front of the hiring managers. 

Create professional and outstanding resumes with resume builder like Designhill. But first know the step by step process on how to create a resume for a job.

Write Resume Step by Step

  • Select the Right Resume Format 

Just writing away all the information will not work effectively. For your resume to look attractive and visually appealing, choose the right format for your resume. 

Here a few formats, you can choose from- 

  • Combination Format- it is a good option for experienced people as it has options to highlight transferable skills. However, it is a little unfamiliar for a lot of people and is not recommended for people looking for entry- level jobs. 
  • Functional Format- skills can be given more attention to in this format. It is great for entry-level job seekers. Unfortunately it can put a negative impact on HR managers as they may think you are hiding something. 
  • Reverse-Chronological format- it is the traditional style which most people are familiar with. But, it is very common and is low on creativity. 

This format is used more than other formats. It puts emphasis on work history, experience and duties. List the latest work first and go in a reverse chronological order so on. 

  • Add Contact Information and other Personal Details 

Information like contact details and few personal details should be definitely mentioned on the resume. 

Necessary information includes- 

Name- First name and last name. 

Phone Number- Use your personal phone number. Avoid using your home number.

Email Address- Definitely mention as it is the most preferred communication method. 

LinkedIn URL- Provide a link to your Linkedin profile. 

Optional details include address, personal website and resume title. It is completely your choice to mention social media links and personal websites on your resume. However, this is becoming popular these days. 

Information like photo, second phone number or email should be avoided if not necessary. 

  • Begin with a Heading 

No one reads all the details mentioned on the resume in the first go. First of all, hiring managers have a quick look. This is a time in which your resume should be impressive enough to catch their eye. 

So, a professional and attention grabbing heading is quite necessary. Choose such a heading that shows you are the best for the job listed. 

  • List Relevant Achievements and Work Experience

Achievements and work experience is probably the most important thing to put on a resume. 

Mention employment history in the job experience section and include-

Job Title

Company, city and state 

Dates Employed

Key Responsibilities


Also, mention some resume keywords on your resume. 

If you have been employed at more than one place then first mentioned the latest job and then go on with past ones. Do not mention experience beyond 10-15 years. Also, it should not get too lengthy. One or two pages are more than enough for a resume. 

  • Mention your Education

The right way of mentioning your education on your resume is to mention your highest degree first. Other degrees or should be mentioned in reverse chronological order. There is not any need of entering highschool information if you have completed a university degree. 

Add course works, honors or awards in the same field. Also, mention if you took part in any extracurricular activities. 

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  • Write the Relevant Skills For Job

Mention hard and soft skills on the resume to let people know better about you. Also, it puts a positive impression. 

Hard skills are the abilities that tell more about your special abilities required for the job. On the other hand, soft skills include social skills, adaptability, enthusiasm, etc.   

Here are a few skills that can be mentioned on resume- Communication skills, technical skills, leadership skills, management skills, organisational skills, critical thinking skills and much more. 

  • Add More Resume Sections 

There are a variety of things that can be added other than the important sections. You can mention hobbies or interests, volunteer work, internship experience, certifications and awards, languages, projects, publications etc. 

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  • Add the Coverletter 

Coverletter gives you the opportunity to mention more details that would not be possible with a resume only. Also, it gives you advantage over the other candidates. 

Many employers think that a resume alone is not enough while hiring someone for the job. Cover Letters are a great addition. 

  • Proofread your Resume

Before downloading or saving your resume, proofread it once. Go through all the elements and check if anything needs to be changed or omitted. You use online tools like grammarly to check grammatical or sentence mistakes. 

  • Save and Use Rightaway 

The last step includes saving your resume file and then using it whenever you wish to. 

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