Most Popular neighborhoods in Austin for Families 

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Written By Berry Mathew

There are some good reasons why Austin is one of the best 10 places to live in the USA. The city is already world-famous for its amazing live music scene. Besides Austin is blessed by awesome natural beauty, a wide variety of food collections including the South specials, a well-balanced mixed culture and a funky electric vibe. 

There are a few neighborhoods in Austin which make this city more livable if you are looking to relocate here. Here you go: 


Downtown, Austin is a perfect area for small and large families, even for the students or young professionals who are not worried about the budget and like to lead a luxurious life. All sorts of housing options are available here from smaller garden-style homes to luxurious condos. 

If you are planning to a Downtown Austin apartment for rent then you also have a variety of choices. The rent is quite competitive and above the national average, however, the facilities and amenities will cover all the extra dollars that you will spend for an apartment in Austin. 

This area has an enriched cultural vibe and lifestyle which will attract you for sure. City’s most of the live music shows are organized here and there are many venues where you will find the live music shows for the whole night. 

2 of the most significant parks and lakes of Austin are located Downtown, Lady Bird Lake and Zilker Park – both of these places have lots of things to do to include kayaking, walking, running, playing with your furry friends, paddle boarding, biking and many more.  

Downtown’s main charm starts after the evening when the restaurants and music venues go alive with the cool variety of music and live shows. 

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Another beautiful neighborhood with great schooling options, well-structured homes, parks, quiet streets and lakes. This area has a special feature of old trees which adds a lovely view around the residential area. 

Let’s talk about the homes first. As we mentioned earlier that the homes of this area are well structured, basically, they have a mixed culture of contemporary and 1930’s style homes. And a few renovated condominium-style homes added extra value to this area.  

Restaurants and coffee shops are a bit quiet than the Downtown. A perfect area for raising a family. 


Located just 4 miles away from Downtown, Mueller is a modern location having an eco-concious community with naturally grown parks, organic foods and retailers and many more. 

Homes and condos are relatively new and modern-style, and the apartments are quite lucrative which attracts both investors and renters at the same time. 

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Another excellent area for families, a bit far from Downtown Austin. This area was built with a great plan around the hill country having excellent landscaping view. Outdoor guys will love this area for sure as there are plenty of opportunities to do biking, hiking and some other adventure sports. If you would like to escape from the city vibe it’s 2 minutes away from your home. A lovely place for families and adventurers people. 

Everything is bigger in Texas, Yes! Austin, the capital of Texas is not an exception. If you are seriously looking to move to Austin, review the neighborhoods mentioned above carefully to choose the right one for your purpose.