What to know before buying a Gaming Laptop?

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Written By Berry Mathew

Playing games is no wastage of time. It makes a person; critical, tactical, fast, and builds up the ability of timely decision making and gives them techniques of problem-solving. In past, decades before, when technology was not that much introduced, hardly a very few people know about gaming and its importance. Most of the people were of the view that it’s just wastage of time. Later on, with the introduction of modern technology and electronic gadgets, the gaming industry also took a boost. People start taking interest in gaming and the gaming competition around the globe. More elaborately, today games are the bread of many people and they earn millions monthly. Now, the question is what is a gaming laptop?

Gamers prefer best gaming laptops with powerful specs over ordinary laptops. The reasons behind this are; they are fast, have quality graphics, high power battery, and can run all types of advanced games with no lagging. Gaming laptop contains Strong Processor, Graphics Card, High Power RAM, Quality Battery, and better cooling system. Usually, having all those components makes a laptop expensive which many gamers can’t afford. But it’s the 21st century, and everything is possible. Gaming laptops are much more expensive, but the problem is being solved by the best gaming laptops under 500 that will give you the best performance and fulfill modern games requirements. Following, I will explain every item in detail and the reasons behind their importance.

Components of Gaming Laptops


Display plays a very important role when it comes to gameplay. Having huge display means an extra viewing experience. The gamers need a better display that must have rich color contrast and realistic viewing experience and it must not below 4k resolutions. And today, you will find tons of manufacturers producing big size display laptops for gaming and this is the requirement. Today, you will find some of the best 15 inch laptop, 17 inch laptops with 4k resolutions and they overall are really good when it comes to real performance.

Graphics Card

Nowadays graphics card is the requirement of overall all modern games. Its installation gives you smooth, and HD gameplay without any lagging. Graphics card is the key component of all pro-gamers system. In ordinary laptops, if there is no graphics card that not an issue but from a gamers’ point of view graphics card is the heart of the gaming system. If you are a gamer and don’t have a graphics card installed in your laptop, then you can’t compete with others in real-time. You will definitely lag behind them. Moreover, with respect to ordinary laptops, this graphics card also adds some extra money to the overall price of the gaming laptop.

High Power RAM

The speed of a laptop depends upon the power of the RAM. RAM is another most important component of the laptop. The higher the RAM, the faster will be the result. Modern games are much heavier and require high power RAM to play a pro-like. If you have installed high power RAM, then you are left with no barrier to taking part in different gaming competitions arranges worldwide where many pro-gamer take part. To be a part of such competitions and want to compete with pro-gamers you need high power RAM so that system gives you the best performance and can play in real-time without any lagging. BPC Tech has the best gaming monitors if you are looking for a new gaming computer.

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High Processor

Besides high power RAM and graphics card, the processor also performs a key role. It is the basic component of any system that is laptops or desktops. The processor in a system is just like the heart in a human body. Man dies if their heart stops working, similarly, if there is no processor you can’t even start your system. From gamers’ point of view, a better processor gives the best gameplay. As its name indicates, “processor” helps in the whole processing of the system. Moreover, if you are installing a high and quality processor, it also makes the system costly.

Quality Battery

Laptops are new innovation of technology. As compared to desktops, they run on direct power but laptops have batteries stored in them. Such batteries are charged and can work without a power connection. Now in the case of gaming laptops, they have many high power components as compared to the ordinary ones. Such high power also consumes much of the battery’s charge. If the batteries are of low quality then it will not give you the proper result without a power connection. The quality battery will give you more time to play.

Cooling System

All of the high-power components that we have described are the basic needs of a gaming laptop. Without such components neither a system runs nor can you call it a gaming system. As compared to desktops, laptops are more compact and when such powered items will perform in a continuous way they will also release a lot of heat. So the modern laptops are designed to absorb much heat and reduce the risks of critical damage to the system.

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To conclude the topic of what is a gaming laptop, above are all the components that distinguish them from ordinary laptops. Same are the components that are installed in them but the reason that it differentiates it from an ordinary one is the graphics card. Graphics card is the key component of a gaming laptop. Except for graphics cards, other components are also there in ordinary ones but for gaming, they are required of quality and high powered. Such a combination will give you the best performance and also the platform to compete with global players.