PreRequisites for Streaming your Favorite Shows

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Written By Berry Mathew

Streaming shows has become more popular in recent times and the trend is slowly phasing out cable television due to its lower costs and availability of content on demand. Long gone are the days when you had to go to the store to buy the new movie that had just launched. Although it had its own charm, the hassle that came with it was also annoying sometimes. Streaming shows have hence become the go to option for entertainment these days. 

 You may want to spend the weekend relaxing and having a good time with your family streaming shows. Just make sure you have the following prerequisites for an amazing experience.

Internet connection

The most obvious of all prerequisites is an internet connection. You need to do keen research about various internet connections, packages and plans in your area. You may want to have a look around your locality and ask around your neighbors of the internet connections available in your area. Here are some things to look for while selecting an internet package for streaming shows. 


The bandwidth required depends on the platforms you want to stream on.  Some of the famous streaming apps available are Netflix, Hulu, Roku and Disney+. All of these have different minimum and maximum bandwidth requirements. For example, the minimum Netflix recommends is 3 megabits for standard definition playback, 5 megabits per second for high definition quality, and 25 megabits per second for 4K.

No data caps

It is essential for your internet connection to be unmetered so that you can stream at the highest quality possible for the longest duration of time. That way you can binge watch all your favorite shows without exhausting your data cap. If you cannot have an unmetered connection, then you have to figure out a balance between video quality and how long you plan on streaming. For example, if your data cap is 20 GB then you can watch maybe 3 episodes of “The Mandalorian” in 4K or you can watch the entire season in 1080p. So make your choice. 


When looking for a stable internet connection keep in mind the two aspects that are significant. You may either use a wired connection or a wireless connection. However a wired connection may give you a better streaming experience. You can always use a broadband connection when your options are limited to either broadband or cellular data. 

If you use a Wi-Fi connection at your home, ensure you have good signal reception. If you do not have a good signal reception, you can either try moving closer to your router or set up a mesh Wi-Fi at home such as the Google Nest Wi-Fi. 


One of the most obvious prerequisites is your screen. If you want to have an immersive experience, then you need to invest in a good display. A good display means high resolution,  high dynamic range, high pixel density, deep blacks and quality sound if you do not plan on getting a separate audio set up. The best choice is to get an OLED television. A variety of them are available in the market, but they may be heavy on your pocket. If you want to save some bucks, then get a simple HDR LCD. 

Another aspect is how far your display will be while you are watching your favorite shows. That will determine the size of your screen. There are a number of guides available to help you select the right screen for streaming your favorite shows. 

If you are buying a screen that is 32 inch or less, then get one that is full HD. This will save you money and bandwidth because you may not be able to differentiate between 4K and 1080p at the given size. However, if you are planning to get one that is bigger than 32 inch, then get one which has 4K support.

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Speaker setup

Sound is as important as video. Without a good sound setup you may never have a good immersive experience. Speakers that come with television are usually subpar, so invest in a good sound bar or for an even better experience get a surround sound setup that is Dolby Atmos compatible.

Streaming on the go

You cannot always be in your lounge with your perfect home theatre system and perfect internet connection. Perhaps you are at a friend’s place, or taking the train, or sitting in a boring lecture, what do you do then? You get yourself a flagship phone having an AMOLED display, a good battery, and a pair of active noise cancelling headphones. This way, you can binge watch your favorite shows wherever you are, just make sure you have a good cellular data package or you are connected to a hotspot.

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Final Thoughts

Streaming your favorite shows has become easier than ever. With internet packages like Windstream Kinetic, it has fun and most importantly you can have a theatrical experience with the comfort of your home. You may want to spend the entire weekend relaxing by binge watching your favorite shows, have your friends over for a movie night, or you may just want to surprise your kids with their favorite show after they complete their homework.