Razer Unveils ‘World Smartest N95 Mask’ With Amplifier & RGB Lights

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Taiwanese tech goliath Razer has revealed what it professed to be the world’s smartest and smallest mask. The high tech is an N95 mask that can be reused and highly recommended by doctors during COVID pandemic time. Razer professes to have made the “Smartest N95 mask” on the planet that is reusable and named it Project Hazel.

The idea configuration is shiny from an external perspective and is made of waterproof, scratch-safe reused plastic. The design of the mask is quite transparent with violet color shades so that individuals can pay close attention to you and see facial reactions.

However, as a brand, Razer mainly focuses on the design rather than the work of the product. The organization’s very innovative mask idea, conceived. What’s more, obviously, it has LED lights.

The removable channels are on one or the other side (the little gas cover looking projections) with incorporated RGB LED lights. Along with that, the hardware isn’t just corrective: To help encourage correspondence, the high tech mask incorporates a little receiver and enhancer.


The most amazing element of this high tech mask is its Voice amplifier innovation where the cover tunes in to your voice and astutely recreates it through two speakers. It works to some degree like what you’ve found in the Batman’s Dark Knight series and it looks really futuristic.

The Razer mask equipped with some different types of speakers that are implanted in the ventilators which intensify your voice. Razer is likewise working with THX sound architects to giro out how boisterous the speaker ought to be for openness purposes.

But there is something that is still unclear such as the ventilators or speakers will be separable and can be revived or not. Nonetheless, Razer is yet to clarify how long the battery will last or how the client will get alarmed when its validity lost.

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An employer from the company uncovered to the media that the ventilators’ life span is as yet being tested. With respect to when the channels should be changed, Razer imagines users being advised through a portable partner application.


The Project Hazel mask doesn’t have a cost tag or releasing date yet as important testing, designing, and affirmations from the Food and Drug Administration, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or Occupational Safety and Health Administration are as yet forthcoming.

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Razer has said the mask is being created by a group of clinical specialists and researchers.

Razer’s Project Hazel going to be one of the most interesting high-tech masks which we usually see in video games.

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