Sebamed Advertisement Targets Hindustan Unilever Products In Their Marketing Campaign; HUL Backfires

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12th January 2021

Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL), the giant manufacturer of skincare items, including Lux, Dove, Rin, and Pears, had moved toward the court to restrict Sebamed India advertisement from distributing and broadcasting commercials which, it asserted, claim that Sebamed cleansing bars are the best in the market and others are not safe.

HUL is additionally demanding for defamation fine of Rs. 150 crores from USV Pvt. Ltd.

The Bombay High Court on Monday restricted all the Sebamed ads until additional request USV Pvt. Ltd., the distributor of German skincare brand SebaMed’s personal care products in India, from running ads that Hindustan Unilever Ltd (HUL) affirms defamation of its items.

10th January 2021

Sebamed advertisement campaign for its cleaning bar comes into the light after they target HUL’s companies in their ad. Responding to that, Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) said it would take the appropriate action against rival Sebamed promoting efforts that focused on its soap brands.

“Our brands are top tier and deliver completely on the promises…backed by solid tech, science, clinical proof and decades of expert and customer upheld testing, enjoying brand dependability. We will make an appropriate move as we consider fit,” HUL told to MoneyControl.

9th January 2021

Recently, German origin company Sebamed has launched an advertisement campaign where they have seen openly targeting the big competitor company Hindustan Uniliver Ltd. The slogan of the Sebamed advertisement is “Filmstars Kee Nahi, Science Kee Suno” to show the advantage of Sebamed’s purifying bar over market pioneers in the cleanser classification.

The company posted 3 advertisement videos within a single day. The first video is titled ‘Filmstars Kee Nahi, Science Kee Suno’, the second video is titled ‘Transparent soap ka Sach’ and the third one is titled ‘Doodh Jaise Safed Ka Sach’.

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In the video, the brand tried to point out all the other brands endorsed by popular Bollywood celebrities. They compared Hindustan Unilever brands Lux, Dove, and Rin detergent soap’s pH range with Sebamed cleansing bar where the pH range of the Lux and Rin detergent soap is above the safe range which is pH 10. But Sebamed has a pure safe pH range which is 5.5.

The motive of the advertisement is to choose a perfectly balanced pH cleansing bar for your sensitive skin. The ad of the company has firstly appeared on print media (Times Of India) on 9th January 2021.

If we talk about Sebamed’s advertisement cast, the video campaign features some popular social media celebrities and actresses. Anupriya Goenka, Aahana Kamra, Eisha Chopra among others have been seen in the ad film. All actresses working actively on Bollywood web series.

However, Sebamed showed the guts to show up the fault of luxurious companies who sell their products in the power of marketing and brand. The brands of Hindustan Unilever Ltd. are already endorsed by famous Bollywood celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Ranbir Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan, and many more.

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After the outrage, Sebamed also responded to the ad campaign. Remarking on the future plan of the company, Shashi Ranjan (India Head for Sebamed), stated, “At Sebamed we represent truth and straightforwardness. During these unprecedented times, our wide range of Skin and Haircare items with exceptional pH 5.5 to pH 5.7 benefits offers the new Gold norm to the consumers. We remain deliberately committed to putting resources in attracting the best talent, creating engaging brand stories, and driving rapid distribution expansion across channels.”

Discussing the Sebamed advertisement campaign, Konark Gaur who is India Head of Marketing for Sebamed, said “Buyers today are rethinking their brand decisions and are searching for brands that perform on their guarantee. Sebamed, a brand that represents genuineness and legitimacy needs to engage the consumers with the correct data so they can pick the best. We believe that the product is consistently the hero and long periods of gimmicky promoting are checked.”

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The whole campaign of Sebamed has been designed by The Womb, a marketing agency. Further, the marketing partner said “The Personal care industry has consistently been molded to follow standard beauty practices in order to make it appealing to the consumers. Nonetheless, when we came across Sebamed and what the brand wanted to convey to its consumers, we decided to communicate the product truth through our campaign, with no sugar coating. Finding some kind of harmony between the fleeting trend deception and legitimacy, the brand is building relationships with its customers through show based advertising with an honest approach.”

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