Solid Wood Flooring for Your New Home (or renovation)

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For your new home construction, you need to ensure that you choose the flooring that will wear well over the times, exceptionally if you have family, young children and pets. You might also want to choose materials and colors that complement the remaining home and will maintain their beauty for ages to come. Easy maintenance and strength are also factors to count, mainly if you live a busy, dynamic lifestyle. From hardwood and laminate to tile, flooring serves an operative purpose and helps set the style and looks of a room. Luckily, there are great flooring options possible today, ensuring that you can discover precisely what you want while being within your budget.

Flooring Your New Home (or renovation)

We search most popular flooring supplies offered today to aid you in better narrow down your options. Also, one of the most critical choices any new development or custom-built homeowner will challenge is what type of flooring to install; or what kind of wood to choose from. 

Solid Wood

As the name specifies, Solid wood is a solid section of wood from top to bottom through its entire thickness. Therefore, flooring can typically refinish the house many times during its service life. Solid or Real wood flooring is a natural wood product with every board coming from just one piece of solid wood cut down to the wanted size, typically between 12 and 25 centimeters. The custom of the cut of the wood can range from flat-sawn, which is the most known style with a triangular grain, to quarter-sawn, where it is divided up into quarters. Then comes rift-sawn, which gives a fine finishing where the grains are horizontal. But, first, let us check out some of the wood species that give your place a natural feel and warmth.

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  1. Bamboo 

Bamboo hardwood flooring is durable and rugged wearing. It is almost twice as hard as Oak flooring, making it ideal for commercial properties like shops and offices. Bamboo flooring is highly versatile. Also, it is easy to fix, install, clean and maintain. There is a wide range of bamboo floor with colors, styles, patterns, grain patterns, surface finishes and plank sizes.

  1. Hickory

Hickory hardwood flooring is efficient at preserving and maintaining the look for years. They look very pleasing as the grains are dense and are highly versatile when it comes to styling. In addition, they are resilient and keep from damage, thus fitting an ideal option for a household.

  1. Maple

Maple Hardwood flooring is Eco-Friendly, Prone to Scratches and Marks, Great Appearance, Superior Hardness, Easy to Clean and Maintain, which makes it ideal for homes, schools and buildings. In addition, it is said that it also improved Indoor Air Quality.

  1. Oak

Oak hardwood floor gives a beautiful grain that is ideal for flooring. It is said that oak wood improves with age, like red wine. It is tough wearing so usually used for crowded places.

  1. Walnut 

Walnut hardwood floors are incredibly durable. Unlike other less sturdy woods, it is safe to mop yours without bothering about warping and rotting. It is also a strong wood and resistant to chipping, insects, and other damage making it safe to use in houses, offices and other properties

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