The Effect Of The Ongoing Corona Pandemic On A Student’s Life

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Written By Berry Mathew

Coronavirus disease is an infectious disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Those who are affected by the harmful virus will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment. However, some cases have shown serious symptoms where they become seriously ill and require medical attention. According to the World Health Organization, the best way to prevent and slow down transmission is to maintain social distancing, maintain covid protocols, and quarantine themselves. 

The spread of the coronavirus all over the world led to the closure of all the educational institutions and therefore the entire academical sector shifted to an online platform. Due to this online mode student has lost their motivation to study which led to several changes like a student’s loss of social connection. Moreover, reports proved that due to this online mode of education there is quite a hindrance in the development of the child as a whole.

E-learning is the new normal for the educational sector

The educational sector has taken a huge toll due to the outbreak of the virus. Schools, colleges, and universities were shut down due to a rapid increase in contamination. To slow down the virus from spreading a complete lockdown and quarantining was the only solution. As the schools and colleges are closed for an uncertain period, both educational institutions and students are experimenting with ways like e-learning to complete their prescribed syllabus within the stipulated time frame. 

Therefore, the concept of e-learning was adopted so that institutions can continue providing education to their students. In the case of E-learning, proper accessibility of internet and device, ideal digital platform and proper training of teachers regarding the usage of the digital platform is quite necessary.

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The reason behind the Loss of Student’s motivation to study

The sudden switch from the physical classroom to the virtual classroom has affected the student quite a great deal. Before the implementation of lockdown, Students used to maintain a proper routine where they used to go to school, attend 7-8 hours of classes. Moreover, they used to have extra curriculum classes where they had the opportunity to play sports and also do a different types of activities. 

But post lockdown, the only activity that the student does is attending online classes by sitting in front of the laptop or mobile screen for hours which not only mess up their routine but also has decreased their opportunity to socialize with other people. At the age of socializing and exploring the world, they are stuck at their home self-quarantining themselves from the dangerous virus.

Experts believe due to the current ongoing situation students feel quite stressed due to the pressure of the pandemic which may have not allowed students to enjoy the learning process entirely. Some students may have found it a bit challenging as it could also have been quite frustrating for them to learn something new under pressure within a stipulated time. Moreover, according to recent studies, students are quite demotivated due to the increase in the workload which can harm their daily life.

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Keys to motivating and reducing the stress levels of the students

During the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping students motivated as classes move online is quite important. By now we have quite an idea of how covid can affect a person both physically and mentally. Therefore, an institution should take initiative to take mentoring classes where students can share their feelings and concerns with their teacher and have a proper discussion so that they can feel less stressed. 

Further, the teacher should start the practice of using motivational quotes for the students at the beginning of the class which can help them feel motivated and have a positive start as their online teaching begins. Moreover, institutions should conduct and promote participation in webinars, online activities, and self-development courses which can help them learn about new things and socialize.


Currently, the world is facing the third wave of coronavirus. Therefore, in this indefinite time of self-quarantining, institutions should continue to use a motivational quote for the students so that they can try their best to feel motivated in this time of difficulties and continue with the online teaching with a positive mindset.


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