Tourism Sector: International GCSE travel and tourism importance 

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If you’re interested in becoming a travel agent and starting your career in the travel and tourism industry, then you should study for IGCSE Travel & Tourism qualification.

The IGCSE Travel and Tourism course will broaden your knowledge of tourism as a career, the way the tourism sector is organised and developed, and what are the local, national and global influences of tourism. 

From entry-level to executive roles, the travel and tourism business offers a diverse range of opportunities. You may find various domains to show your understanding of tourism. These include organising events for tourists, making reservations or collaborating with a team. 

IGCSE in Travel & Tourism

The IGCSE in Travel & Tourism is an interesting programme that focuses on the practical application of the related skills. It is constantly expanding and requires an increasing number of skilled personnel and innovators. You may browse GCSE Online courses to check details about this course if you referrer DLE. 

There are numerous compelling reasons to pursue the IGCSE in Travel & Tourism.

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Tourism only grow and has no downside!

Despite the pandemic problem that has hit the industry in recent years, hospitality and tourism will return, and a skilled workforce will be in utmost need. The IGCSE in Travel and Tourism is an excellent way to get your foot in the tourism industry. 

Social network grows behind cultural differences

Engagement with people from different cultural backgrounds is one of the most rewarding aspects of travelling. When you started a career in the tourism industry, it becomes your daily routine. 

The tourism sector accepts creativity!

Tourism, in addition to being the public-oriented sector, offers a wide range of jobs that require you to ponder and be spontaneous and innovative. Individuals working in the tourism industry play an important role in ensuring that visitors have a wonderful time.

Every day brings new experiences

You will experience new realities and fantasies of the tourism sector each day. It implies that irrespective of your position in the sector, job responsibilities are widespread. Particularly, you see new faces and meet new personalities, making each day different. Tourists come with varied expectations from you, and each of them will have different experiences with you. This thing will keep your job interesting and challenging!

The tourist sector is not all about office jobs

The tourist industry encompasses a wide range of activities. While some tourism jobs are from 9 am to 5 am, the majority aren’t. This sector is diverse, not only in terms of the hours you can work but also in terms of the types of jobs you can accomplish.

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Career Choices 

You may have hundreds of choices to shape your career in the tourist industry. Here are some jobs available; 

  • Travel agencies
  • Airlines
  • Tourist information centres
  • Coach tour operators
  • Cruising firms
  • Transportation 
  • Event management 

In this domain, there are jobs for everyone, and you can chase your career anywhere in the world. The IGCSE in Travel & Tourism is your ticket to a dream job in the travel industry. You will also need to acquire a Level 2 English and Maths Certificate to qualify for admission to the top universities. 


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