The Importance of Product Reviews on Amazon 

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You don’t necessarily need to be an Amazon influencer to succeed in the world’s biggest online retail space. Thousands of individual sellers have found success with Amazon seller apps by offering products from clothing, jewelry, toys, books, to the latest electronic gadgets. Shopping on Amazon, there’s practically nothing you can’t find to buy. 

The sheer size and number of product options is amazing for online shoppers. Not only do they have a wide variety of options, but shoppers can also usually find the most competitive price on the products they love. While beneficial for buyers, the size of the marketplace can prove to be a hurdle for online sellers. With so many options, how can you possibly make your Amazon store stand out from the competition? Aside from offering the lowest price, are there other (and more cost-effective) ways to drive sales for your store? 

In short, yes. There are many ways to optimize your online store. One of the most effective ways is to receive numerous (and positive) product reviews from your customers. Here, we look at Amazon product reviews and discuss why these are so important. Then, we look into ways that you can increase the amount of product reviews your store gets on Amazon. 


Convenience, competitive pricing, and an endless variety of products have all made online shopping soar in popularity in recent years. But one issue has always remained for ecommerce shoppers—how can I trust what I’m buying? Unlike a physical store, you can’t hold or try on a specific product before purchasing it when you’re shopping online. So, how do you develop trust in your products online?

Customer reviews. According to data from the Spiegel Research Center, 95 percent online shoppers read and consider product reviews before making a purchase online. Additionally, almost three-quarters of shoppers say that they form an opinion about a product after reading just a few online reviews. Clearly, this type of feedback is powerful in shaping the psyche of online consumers.

But how do product reviews affect your product rankings? The number of sales and other optimization factors, like keywords, primarily influence your ranking. However, positive product reviews can dramatically increase your conversion. With plentiful reviews, customers are much more likely to trust, and then potentially purchase, your products.  

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Now that we can agree about the importance of product reviews on Amazon, it’s time to look at practical methods for garnering more product reviews. Offering customers quality products, of course, is the most effective and long-lasting method for increasing your number of positive reviews. In addition to this, here are a few other ways to boost your total number (and quality) of reviews:

  • Use Amazon’s built-in ‘request a review’ button.
  • Take advantage of the Amazon early review program.
  • Sign up your products for the Amazon Vine program.
  • Use third-party email responders.
  • Create (and update) a contact list.
  • Use product inserts.
  • Respond to negative reviews.
  • Launch your products through promotions.

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It makes sense that positive product reviews will help develop trust, credibility, and even boost your overall sales. These are all, of course, vitally important for developing the long-term success of your Amazon store. But what do you do when a customer leaves a negative product review? How does this impact your store? 

The potential for negative reviews could make any Amazon seller shy away from asking for product reviews. However, data suggests that even the occasional negative review could, in fact, be good for your store. Having (just a few) negative reviews on your Amazon page actually makes your products and store more credible because it seems fair and balanced. Of course, if the negative reviews greatly outweigh your positive ones, this could quickly become an issue.

You also want to make sure you’re responding to all of your reviews—especially the negative ones. Often, the cause for a negative review could be based on a misunderstanding or something outside of your control. If you use the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service, for example, a shipping issue could arise that you couldn’t prevent. By answering reviews and clarifying these issues, you can resolve some of these problems and show your customers that you’re attentive and that you do, indeed, care.

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But how can consumers really trust these online reviews? While Amazon claims that 99 percent of product reviews are legitimate, some reports have disputed this finding. A 2018 investigation by the Washington Post claimed that roughly two-thirds of Amazon product reviews were fake and written solely for the purpose of boosting product rankings. Clearly, this can be a major issue if Amazon spots these fraudulent reviews. 

In response to these concerns, Amazon has developed a zero-tolerance policy toward those using these fake product reviews. Stores using fake reviews could face legal action from Amazon, permanent delisting, or loss of certain selling privileges. In short, it’s never worth it to roll the dice with these fraudulent product reviews. If you take advantage of the tools available and optimize your store, the positive reviews should come in organically.

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There are so many advantages to shopping online. Price, selection, convenience, and fast shipping are just a few reasons why so many consumers are choosing to shop online in lieu of traditional brick and mortar stores. With this rise in ecommerce, it’s more profitable than ever to sell products online. 

If you’re an Amazon pro seller, there are many ways to rise above the competition to drive more sales. Offering a range of high-quality products at competitive prices, of course, is fundamental to success in the Amazon marketplace. However, many may not realize that other factors, such as product reviews, are also critical for success. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to boost your product rankings, start by garnering as many positive reviews from your customer as you can. 


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