WiFi Smoke Detectors: Here’s A Small Guide

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Written By Berry Mathew

If a fire were to break out once the smoke detector was installed, you would be warned by a very loud sound signal, and frankly unpleasant: no more risk of not being warned of a fire that would occur at night, for example!

And if you opt for a connected smoke detector, you can even be warned of an incident when you are not at home: practical!

Buy your smoke detector

You will easily find smoke detectors. Indeed, they are available in supermarkets, but also in DIY stores. There are some for all budgets, but there are also more sophisticated devices with a pause button, for example, which can be appreciated during an accidental trigger. 

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Correctly place your smoke detector

In the event of a fire, the smoke rises very quickly. So, in order for your wifi smoke detector to be as effective as possible, you will need to install it on the ceiling. If the room has sloping ceilings, in this case, it should be installed less than 90 cm from the highest place. Focus on the center of the room, where at least 30 cm from the wall. If the area of ​​your home is more than 70 m², you will need to install several smoke detectors. Likewise, when your house is on several levels, each floor must be equipped with a device. You can install one in the hallway that leads to the bedrooms, to make sure you are awake in the event of a disaster.. Be careful not to put it too close to a heat source to avoid nuisance tripping. 

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Install a smoke detector

The law states that the owner of the accommodation is responsible for the purchase and installation of the smoke detector. However, the occupant of the accommodation, whether the owner or the tenant, must ensure its proper functioning and must change the batteries, if necessary. Depending on the model chosen, the installation can be more or less complicated. 

Usually, they are sold with a screw-on mounting bracket. You must then have a screwdriver to open it to retrieve this base. Place it in the desired location, then mark with a pen the places where you need to drill. Choose the appropriate bit, then proceed with the drilling. Once the dowels are in place, all you have to do is screw this support securely. Finally, before closing the device, place the batteries making sure to install them in the right direction, then check that your device is working by pressing the “Test” button.

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Your daily smoke detector

Once installed, your smoke detector is really not binding to maintain. Its maintenance must be carried out by the occupant of the accommodation. Its proper functioning depends on it. If the device beeps regularly, it is time to change the batteries. Keep a spare battery so that you can replace it at the first beeps. You can also carry out a test once a month to ensure that it is working properly, always by pressing the “Test” button provided on the device. You will also need to wipe it with a cloth on a regular basis, to prevent dust from getting into the device, which could cause it to malfunction. 

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