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Facebook is always rated as a favorite social network with millions of interesting content posted every day. Therefore, if you are using Facebook, you have been ecstatic for a certain video and you have a need to download Facebook videos on Android, we will suggest you a tool, a Fb video downloader to help you download videos. with just a few simple steps.

The name of the Fb video downloader that we want to mention here is SnapSave. If you are curious about this tool, then continue to follow our article.

How to use Fb video downloader Android

SnapSave is an extremely useful tool to download Facebook videos. This Fb video downloader is completely free, with an unlimited number of downloads with really outstanding download speed. Downloading is as simple as copying and pasting the link to paste a link bar of the site. With this tool, no matter if you’ve done this before, you can do it.

How to use Fb video downloader in detail:

  • Open Facebook and go to the video to download.
  • Next, copy the video link by clicking share.
  • Open the Facebook downloader SnapSave website and paste the previously copied link and select Download.
  • Finally, select the video quality you need to download and select download to complete.
  • After a few seconds, you should see the video in your library. You can do that with all the videos you want to download. Thus, you can download Facebook videos on Android with just a few simple steps.

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Why should you use Snapsave for downloading videos on Facebook?

Snapsave is just one of many other Fb video downloaders that are being widely used to download videos from Facebook. However, you may find that the website meets 3 criteria:

– Free with all features

– Anyone can use it because the operation is very simple and there are specific instructions on the website in 25 different languages.

– Create the highest quality videos including full HD, 2K, and 4K videos

So downloading Facebook videos is not as difficult as you think. As long as you have a stable Internet connection, you can use a Facebook video downloader to make downloads in a snap!

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How to use Snapsave’s Chrome extension

As you can see, SnapSave provides a Chrome extension, so you just need to click on Chrome Extension and a new tab will appear, select Add extension. 

Download this Fb extension at:

Once the extension is added to your computer’s browser, it will appear in the upper right corner of the screen. 

Thanks to that, you can download Fb videos easier than ever with just 2 clicks instead of the copying steps as mentioned above.


Do you find how to make downloading videos with Fb video downloader SnapSave simple and effective on Android? If you find it really useful then please share it with your friends. Thanks for following the post. Please continue to support us.


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