4 Must-Haves for Parents With Young Kids

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Written By Berry Mathew

Parenthood is certainly a journey. When your child is born, you are thrown into a whole new world protecting your little one. While this journey is a joy, it can also be overwhelming and, at times, intimidating. But never fear. Being prepared can help you conquer parenthood one day at a time.   

It’s true you can’t be fully prepared for all the wonderful chaos that comes with parenting young children. From basic care and health management to feeding and entertaining kids, there is a lot to do. However, having certain items on hand can make your job a bit easier or perhaps less stressful. Read on for four helpful must-haves for parents with young kids — everything from the essentials to enjoyable items.

1. Basic Health Essentials

Before we get into some of the more fun items all parents need, we would be remiss to neglect some basic health essentials. Let’s face it, kids can be rambunctious and prone to illnesses. This is a double whammy for parents trying to keep their kids safe and well! Having a few essentials on hand such as antibiotic ointment, Band-Aids or gauze, and cold medicine is key. Remember to restock once an item is out or has expired.

While you’re at it, think about yourself and your own health needs. Being a parent will take a toll on you in ways that you may not always anticipate. That’s why being prepped for your own health is also essential. If you are prone to migraines, for instance, always have migraine treatment on hand for yourself. You’ll thank yourself for being equipped ahead of time and being able to take care of your kid no matter the circumstances.

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2. Arts and Crafts Materials

No matter how old your child is, being creative is important for their brain and learning development. It can boost a child’s self-confidence and ability to entertain themselves as well. Pulling out the arts and crafts supplies when you are busy is also a helpful move. It’s a sure way for your child to preoccupy themselves with (hopefully) little-to-no interruption on your end. Not to mention, doing arts and crafts is also a fun way to spend an afternoon!

For younger kids, plain paper along with crayons or washable markers could be enough to start. You may also consider buying seasonal stamps or looking on Pinterest for holiday-specific crafting ideas. Who doesn’t love making a Thanksgiving turkey out of construction paper or a sticker-filled Valentine’s Day card? If your child is old enough, ask what types of projects interest them to ensure they are willing to actually do them.    

3. A Variety of Books

Again, books are a must for children at any age. Storytime helps create a special bond between the parent and the child. They also teach children important life lessons such as sharing, caring, and being a good friend. And, of course, books are there for children to learn and expand their imagination as well as their reading skills. They are a source of entertainment and education – a win-win all around!

Building your child’s book collection can start when you’re expecting. At the baby shower, ask your friends and family members to recommend their favorite children’s stories and board books. You can then purchase these books and have the family member sign their name in the book as a special memory. When your child is older, buy them a new book instead of a new toy when they deserve a treat. Unlike toys, which children can quickly tire of, books can provide more opportunities for growth.

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4. Music and Soundtracks

Just like music can help boost your mood or help calm your nerves, music can do the same for children. A calming classical playlist may soothe a crying baby, while an upbeat tune can help get a toddler out of a mood. Having a variety of soundtracks at the ready is easier than ever with music platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. Simply create different playlists for different times and hit play when the need strikes.  

Additionally, an interest in music as a young child can lead to an interest in playing music in the future. Studies show playing an instrument as a child could benefit their brains as well as their cognitive attention and working memory. As a child matures, they may show an interest in extracurricular activities such as piano lessons or even band. That said, playing an instrument is another way to entertain children in a positive, screen-free way.


As a parent, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the things you need to buy for your child. And if you’re not careful, you can end up with too much stuff in your house. After all, everyone and anyone will tell you their must-haves and go-tos for parenting. There is a lot of noise to filter out when it comes to buying the parenting gear you need. 

While these suggestions can be helpful, they can also be overwhelming. Breaking down items based on their purpose, such as basic health needs or fun and entertainment can help. Most of all, knowing your child is well and happy is the very best thing you can do for your child!


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