Vertos Medical Inc. Continued to be the Most Trusted Brand For Mild® PROCEDURE

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Amongst the various back problems that people suffer these days, one of the most difficult and painful ones is known as lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS). The spinal cord is basically a bundle of nerves running through a tunnel, which is formed by the vertebrae. The term spinal canal is used to refer to this tunnel. A narrowing of this canal is called lumbar spinal stenosis and this usually happens in the lower part of the back. The word ‘stenosis’ means narrowing and it can put pressure on the nerves going from the spinal cord to the muscles or the spinal cord itself. 

While spinal stenosis could occur in any part of the spine, it is the most common in the lower back. This part of the spine is referred to as the lumbar area, which has resulted in the name lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS). Those suffering from this health issue often have to lean forward for relieving the pressure on their back or may have trouble walking distances. They also suffer from numbness or pain in the legs. In the most severe cases, patients are unable to control their bladder and bowel. There are different causes and treatments that can be found for lumbar spinal stenosis. It doesn’t have a cure, but people can explore the various treatment options available.

There are medicines that can be taken, physical therapy that can help and various surgical treatments as well. However, if you are looking for a solution that’s non-invasive and effective at the same time, Vertos Medical Inc. has provided the perfect option. This medical device company is based in Aliso Viejo, California, USA. It is a medical device company that is dedicated to developing minimally invasive, innovative treatments for Lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS). The company has gained recognition for developing the Mild procedure for this age-related, degenerative narrowing of the lower spinal canal.

The procedure, introduced in 2005, has been developed for treating this condition and it accomplishes this goal by using specialized mild®devices for restoring space in the spinal canal. A 5.1 mm treatment portal is used for removing the hypertrophic ligamentum flavum. The mild instrumentation kit has enabled an outpatient, minimally invasive and safe, fluoroscopically guided therapeutic treatment for LSS. The best part about the Mild procedure by Vertos Medical Inc. is that it doesn’t require any stitches, implants or even general anesthesia. 

No opioids or steroids are needed for this procedure and it is generally performed with light sedation and local anesthetic. One of the best things about it is that it requires only a tiny, single incision under live and still-image fluoroscopic guidance and this provides streamlined access to multiple sides and levels. As a matter of fact, patients are able to resume normal activity within 24 hours of undergoing the procedure and don’t have to follow any restrictions either. Furthermore, you will still be able to maintain structural anatomy of the spine, as there is no significant alteration. It doesn’t eliminate any future treatment options either. 

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As far as the risk of complications is concerned, Vertos Medical Inc. has ensured that the procedure is extremely safe for every patient with LSS. The adverse event rate has been less than 0.1% in more than 30,000 cases. None of the clinical trials have reported any procedure or device-related serious complications or adverse events and the best part is that the Mild procedure is also compatible with people who have existing risk factors. However, it should be noted that only physicians who are trained appropriately can use mild® devices. 

This is where Vertos Medical Inc. can be helpful because theywork in collaboration with the leading mild® practitioners for providing education and training to practices and physicians across the United States. The health professionals are required to identify and treat the patients suffering from LSS who need to undergo the procedure. Next, they have to establish clinical efficiency and comfort and then refine their treatment algorithm. 

Therefore, thousands of patients are treated every year with the mild® procedure and it is also supported by FDA clearance, leading medical institutions, national Medicare coverage and national medical societies. Vertos Medical Inc. has highlighted that the mild® procedure can help LSS patients in standing longer and walking further, while experiencing less pain. It can go a long way in improving the quality of life by reducing the pain and increasing their mobility in the least invasive way possible. 

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Apart from that, Vertos Medical Inc. has also partnered with the leading healthcare providers and institutions of the country to ensure that all patients of LSS can have access to the mild® procedure as a treatment option. They have decades of expertise and experience in the healthcare field and provide advance and optimal care to all LSS patients to help them live a good life.