What Is Googly In Cricket?

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What Is Googly In Cricket?

Cricket, a sport renowned for its intricacies and tactics, offers a variety of techniques and skills that captivate both players and fans. Among the many bowling techniques, the googly stands out as a mysterious and deceptive delivery that has perplexed batsmen for generations. In this blog post, we will explore the concept of the googly, its execution, and the strategic significance it holds in the world of cricket.

Understanding the Googly

The googly is a type of delivery in cricket that is bowled by spinners, particularly leg-spinners. It is a deceptive delivery that appears to be spinning in one direction but, in reality, spins in the opposite direction upon pitching. The aim of the googly is to deceive the batsman and induce a misjudgment, often resulting in a wicket or a scoring opportunity for the fielding team.

Execution And Technique

To bowl a googly, a leg-spinner utilizes a wrist and finger action that imparts a spin in the opposite direction of their conventional leg-spin delivery. The key element is to deliver the ball with a similar action and release point as the regular leg-spin, but with a subtle change in grip and wrist positioning.

The bowler holds the ball with a slight variation in grip, placing the index and middle fingers closer to the shiny side of the ball. During the delivery stride, the wrist is twisted in a way that imparts a spinning motion opposite to the regular leg-spin. The release of the ball is crucial, with the fingers applying pressure to generate the desired spin upon pitching.

Deception And Impact

The googly is designed to deceive the batsman by creating an illusion of spin in one direction before it sharply turns in the opposite direction. The sudden change in spin direction, combined with variations in flight and trajectory, often catches the batsman off guard, leading to mistimed shots or misjudgments.

The googly challenges the batsman’s ability to read the bowler’s intentions, causing them to hesitate in shot selection and footwork. Batsmen who fail to identify the googly can be left in an awkward position, susceptible to being bowled, caught, or trapped LBW (leg before wicket).

Strategic Significance

The googly is an essential weapon in a leg-spinner’s arsenal, providing a significant advantage in the bowling attack. It adds variety and unpredictability to their deliveries, keeping the batsmen on their toes and disrupting their rhythm. The ability to consistently bowl an effective googly can turn the tide of a game by taking crucial wickets and creating pressure on the batting side.

Furthermore, the googly often serves as a setup delivery, luring the batsman into false confidence by playing for the conventional spin. The subsequent delivery can then be a leg-spin or another variation, exploiting the batsman’s vulnerability and enhancing the bowler’s chances of success.


The googly remains a fascinating and formidable aspect of spin bowling in cricket. With its ability to deceive and perplex batsmen, the googly adds intrigue and excitement to the game. Mastering the technique and execution of this deceptive delivery requires skill, practice, and strategic acumen. As fans watch in anticipation, spinners continue to employ the googly as a potent weapon, showcasing the beauty and complexity of the game of cricket.


Why Is It Called A Googly In Cricket?

Etymology 1

Unknown; perhaps derived from googie (“an egg, in reference to the unusual direction of bounce”). Though the delivery was perfected and made famous by English cricketer Bernard Bosanquet, circa 1900, the term is recorded earlier in Australian English (1896).

What Is Googly And Doosra?

The primary difference between a doosra and a googly is the fact that a googly is bowled by a leg-spinner and the ball spins from left to right. Meanwhile, the doosra is delivered by an off-spinner and the ball turns from right to left.

Who Is Called King Of Googly?

Shahid Afridi: The King Of Googly.

What Is A Doosra In Cricket?

In a doosra, the off-spinner uses the same finger action as an off-break delivery but he cocks the wrist so that the back of his hand faces the batsman. This twist makes the ball spin in the opposite direction, confusing the batsman who often plays it thinking it would be an off-break.


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