3 Useful Tips That Will Make Moving Much Easier

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Written By Berry Mathew

Moving from one house to another can be both a daunting and exciting experience. On one end, you might fear change and the fact that you may not feel as comfortable in your new space. On the other hand, you may be excited for a fresh start.

For anyone, moving house has some pros and cons. However, moving the right way can make everything that much easier, no matter what your reason is for changing house. Whether you’re using a car trailer hire, van, pickup truck or moving truck, there are some things to keep in mind when moving all your belongings.

Easing your workload and being efficient, while remembering to pack everything sensibly, are all a part of making your moving experience pleasant. You can avoid unnecessary frustrations and quarrels if you just do it with some expert advice in mind!

Read on as we provide some valuable moving tips so that you can start your new journey happily.

Pack Only the Essentials

Packing up your entire house can be daunting and laborious. You’ll discover there’s more ‘stuff’ than you probably thought you had. You need to distinguish between your essentials and the things that don’t carry much value or functionality.

Granted, there are items that money can’t buy. These can include a romantic letter or ticket to a sports game you attended that carries with it lifelong memories. Those you should keep and are luckily easy to pack away and store.

However, all unwanted and not so valuable goods can be thrown away. You shouldn’t transport this, only to fill your new place with clutter. Sometimes, it’s just better to start anew.

This will also save you time to both pack and unpack and make the actual move easier—you’ll need a much smaller trailer for one thing. For example, if you have stacks of books that you’ve read already, then donate them. Also, if you have old pictures, clothes, ornaments, dolls or pieces of furniture you don’t really use or like anymore, you can consider selling them or donating them. 

Plan and Pack Well in Advance

You should obviously have your move-out and move-in dates diarised so you can plan ahead of time. Having a timeline and plan in place helps you handle challenges that may arise. Because you’re organised, slight changes won’t make you feel that overwhelmed. 

Part of planning ahead of time is also starting to pack early on, so you don’t leave it all for the last few days or weeks. This will result in much less stress as the moving date creeps closer. Having more time can also help you organise your packing containers better, such as labelling them clearly. 

A good idea would be to pack all your off-season items first, before packing all your other belongings. For example, if you’re moving in the winter, you could pack all your summer clothes and beach gear, since you’ll probably not need them for a while. 

Additionally, you also need to book well in advance. Whether you want to hire trailer services or a moving truck – or maintenance workers to work on your new house – you need to book early. You may even need to rent tools and supplies for those workers to use. Doing it close to moving day could accrue excess costs and even increase the possibility that nothing will be available by the time you need everything done. Do it early on, so you’re guaranteed availability of resources and workforce. 

Pack Fragile Items Carefully

Your bigger, more expensive items should require more attention when moving them. Movers treat packages of different shapes and sizes all the same, so it’s up to you whether you make sure your fragile items get the TLC they require.

Wrap flat screen TVs or computers screens in bubble wrap or place them in reliable wooden crates before moving them. You could also place your screens in double-boxes, with each outer box being padded with newspapers or straw. Either way, a delicate item such as a TV needs special attention. 

Moreover, plates, cups, glasses and ornaments should each be wrapped in paper before being placed neatly in a box. You could also use a box with cardboard dividers to separate items like glasses or vases. This increases the padding and insulation that will help protect against damage.

With items such as expensive paintings, you need to pay special attention to not damage the face of the picture. You shouldn’t wrap paintings in paper, because it could stick. Instead, wrap them in bubble wrap, which also offers more protection.

Pictures with glass insertions should be taped with a cross, diagonally, across the frame. This will prevent the glass from shattering and dispersing if it does somehow break. Preventing the glass from shattering will also protect the actual picture or art piece.  

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Being organised when moving will give you the peace of mind to focus on various important factors, such as starting a new chapter in your life. Pack and move the right way so that you can start this journey on a good note!