What Is Reserve Capital?

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Are you curious to know what is reserve capital? You have come to the right place as I am going to tell you everything about reserve capital in a very simple explanation. Without further discussion let’s begin to know what is reserve capital?

Reserve capital is a financial term integral to the structure and financial health of companies and organizations. It plays a crucial role in safeguarding assets, meeting legal requirements, and maintaining financial stability. Delve into the details to comprehend the nuances of reserve capital.

What Is Reserve Capital?

Reserve capital refers to the portion of a company’s share capital that remains uncalled upon, usually designated for specific purposes or contingencies. It represents the capital that the company can call upon if needed, beyond its issued share capital.

Reserve Capital In Accounting

  • Designated Funds: Reserve capital isn’t actively called upon for operational use but serves as a financial buffer or backup.
  • Legal Protection: It acts as a safeguard against unforeseen financial obligations or potential liabilities.

Types Of Reserve Capital

  • Capital Redemption Reserve: This reserve is created when a company buys back its own shares and maintains this reserve to protect the company’s capital base.
  • Capital Reserve: Different from reserve capital, capital reserve comprises profits not distributable as dividends and often used for specific purposes like asset acquisition or debt retirement.

Reserve Capital In Company Law

  • Company Law Provisions: Various legal requirements govern the creation and utilization of reserve capital to ensure financial prudence and regulatory compliance.
  • Board and Shareholder Approval: Often, decisions regarding reserve capital require board and shareholder approval.

Importance And Purpose

  • Financial Security: Reserve capital acts as a financial cushion, providing a safety net for companies during economic downturns or unforeseen financial emergencies.
  • Legal Compliance: Meeting regulatory requirements regarding capital allocation and financial stability is crucial for companies.

Reserve Capital Example

  • Scenario: Suppose a company issues 100,000 shares but keeps 10,000 shares in reserve. These 10,000 shares constitute the reserve capital that the company can call upon if necessary.

Capital Redemption Reserve Account

  • Purpose: The Capital Redemption Reserve Account is created when a company buys back its shares, ensuring that the company’s capital base remains intact.

Reserve Capital In Company Finance

  • Investor Confidence: Adequate reserve capital signifies financial stability, enhancing investor confidence and credibility in the company.
  • Risk Mitigation: Having reserve capital minimizes financial risks and vulnerabilities, ensuring the company’s ability to weather economic uncertainties.


In summary, reserve capital stands as a crucial financial buffer for companies, ensuring financial stability, legal compliance, and the ability to meet unforeseen financial obligations. Understanding its role in maintaining financial health and stability aids companies in navigating economic fluctuations and regulatory requirements, contributing to their long-term sustainability and resilience.


What You Mean By Reserve Capital?

Capital Reservemeans the part of profit reserved by the company for a particular purpose such as to finance long-term projects or to write off capital expenses. Reserve Capital shows the part of the authorized capital that has not yet called up by the company and is available for drawing, if necessary.

What Is Reserve Working Capital?

Reserve working capital: It is a type of fund that the business needs to maintain above the working capital needed. These funds are used by the business as a contingency for any unexpected situation. These are short-term financial funds that business needs.

What Is Reverse Capital?

Reverse capital deepening is the property whereby it may be efficient to associate a lower (higher) rate of interest with a lower (higher) capital per worker.

Can Capital Reserve Be Used?

A capital reserve can be utilised for meeting the future capital losses. Here it is to be remembered that capital reserve cannot be used for distributing dividend to the share holders but bonus shares can be issued out of the capital reserve.

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