What Is Written On Zulfiqar Sword?

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The Zulfiqar sword, an iconic and legendary weapon, carries profound historical and cultural significance within Islamic history. Revered for its symbolic representation and association with pivotal figures, this sword has garnered fascination and intrigue for generations. In this blog post, we’ll explore the inscription and symbolism engraved on the Zulfiqar sword, unraveling the layers of history and legend woven into its blade.

What Is Written On Zulfiqar Sword?

The Zulfiqar sword holds a special place in Islamic tradition, primarily associated with Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib, a revered figure in Islam and the cousin and son-in-law of Prophet Muhammad. Legend has it that the Zulfiqar sword was passed down to Ali by Muhammad during a significant battle.

Inscription And Symbolism:

The Zulfiqar sword is often depicted as having a distinctive bifurcated or forked blade, believed to symbolize strength, courage, and divine intervention. While descriptions of the sword’s inscriptions vary across historical accounts and depictions, it is commonly believed to carry the phrase “La Fata Illa Ali, La Saif Illa Zulfiqar” (There is no hero but Ali, There is no sword but Zulfiqar) inscribed on its blade.

This inscription embodies the association between the sword and Imam Ali, signifying his valor, bravery, and spiritual significance within Islamic teachings. The phrase serves as a testament to Ali’s unwavering commitment to righteousness and justice.

Legend And Legacy:

The Zulfiqar sword transcends its physical existence, representing a legacy of faith, courage, and righteousness. It stands as a symbol of divine support and the embodiment of noble virtues, revered not just within Islamic history but also among those who appreciate its cultural and historical significance.

The sword’s depiction in Islamic art, poetry, and literature further amplifies its significance, portraying it as a symbol of strength, spiritual guidance, and the embodiment of truth against tyranny.

Contemporary Perceptions:

Today, the Zulfiqar sword continues to capture the imagination and reverence of individuals worldwide, both within and outside Islamic communities. Its symbolism extends beyond religious contexts, resonating with values of bravery, justice, and the triumph of good over evil.


The Zulfiqar sword remains an enduring symbol deeply entrenched in Islamic history and tradition. Its inscription, bearing the iconic phrase associated with Imam Ali, serves as a powerful reminder of courage, righteousness, and the pursuit of justice. Beyond its historical context, the Zulfiqar sword stands as a timeless symbol of strength and virtue, inspiring awe and admiration across cultures and generations.


What Is Written On Islamic Sword?

In Muslim countries, fine swords have traditionally been engraved with the phrase lā sayfa illā Dhū al-faqār (“there is no sword but Dhū al-faqār”), often with the addition wa lā fatā illā ʿAlī (“and there is no hero but ʿAlī”).

What Is The Meaning Of The Writing On Zulfiqar?

What is the meaning Of Zulfiqar? Zulfiqar إلا ذوالفقار is an Arabic word that means “the spine splitter”. It was the only Sword of that time that had double edges.

Where Is Sword Zulfiqar Now?

There are also rumors on this subject. The strongest rumor is that he took the sword with his camel before his death. According to another rumor, Hazrat Ali told his sons Imam Hasan and Huseyin to throw Zulfiqar into the sea . Today, it coincides with the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

Is Zulfiqar Mentioned In Quran?

The Prophet (Pbuh) appropriated two sacrificial sabres from the temple of Manat and gave them to Hazrat Ali (RA), saying that one of them was Al Zulfiqar, which became the famous sword of Ali the Warrior. ‘Zulfiqar’ has a root that appears in the Holy Quran, too, and gives us many interesting words in Urdu.

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