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Who is Andy Warhol?

by Ragini Salampure
Who is Andy Warhol?

\Andy Warhol is one of the most popular artists to live on the planet. He was able to use commercial sensibilities in order to give life to artwork. If you are keen to learn more about him, go on reading. We will share more details about the personal life of Andy Warhol and the career of him as an artist.

Who exactly is Andy Warhol? 

Andy Warhol is a successful ad and magazine illustrator. During the 1960s, he was able to become one of the world-famous artists. In fact, he played a massive role behind Pop art movements. He was also able to venture into numerous forms of art as well. They include writing, video installations, filmmaking, performance art, and many more. He was able to draw a fine line in between mainstream aesthetics and fine art. Hence, he is considered as one of the most successful artists to live on the planet.

Early life of Andy Warhol

This world-famous artist was born on 1928. Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania was his hometown. Father of Andy Warhol was Andrej Warhola, a Slovakian immigrant. He has been working as a construction worker. Andy’s mother was Julia Warhola, who was an embroider. Andy Warhol was exposed to Slovakian culture from the young days. This created a massive impact on his life at a later stage.

When Andy Warhol turned 8, he contracted Chorea. This was one of the fatal diseases that create a negative impact on the good health of the nervous system. Due to the same reason, he was forced to stay in bed for many months. This is during this time where he was able to get his first lessons in skillful art. Mother of Andy Warhol introduced him to an artist, where he was able to get the first few lessons. 

It didn’t take a long time for Andy Warhol to get drawing as his favorite pastime activity. He was also a fan of movies. When Andy Warhol turned 9, he was able to get a camera from his mother. This is where he went ahead and learnt the basics of photography. He was able to create a darkroom in the basement on his own and proceed with practicing his photography skills. 

Andy Warhol obtained his primary education from Holmes Elementary School. Then he attended Carnegie Institute and took part in free art classes. When Andy Warhol turned 14, he lost his father. However, he was not able to attend the funeral of his father as he was living away from home. Later in that year, Andy Warhol was able to get into Schenley High School. He graduated in the year 1945 and attended the Carnegie Institute for Technology in order to learn more about pictorial design. 

Getting into pop art 

Andy Warhol was able to obtain his bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts in the year 1949. Soon after that, Andy wanted to start working as a commercial artist. This is the main reason why he moved to the New York City. It is during this time where he dropped the last word of his name, the letter “a”. He believed that the name Andy Warhol will help him to find a jo b as a commercial artist and be successful in it, without having to deal with any major challenges.

ShaperoModern says that his career of working as a commercial artist provided a variety of benefits to Andy Warhol. Therefore, he was able to become one of the most popular commercial artists during 1950s as well. He was also able to win numerous awards for the whimsical style of art. Moreover, he could his own blotted technique along with rubber stamps to give life to drawings. These unique techniques of creating art contributed a lot towards the popularity of Andy Warhol. 

Later during, that decade, Andy Warhol was paying more attention towards painting. Based on that, he was able to come up with the concept called Pop Art. This happened in the year 1961. This painting concept was focusing more on the mass production of commercial goods. He was able to go ahead and exhibit the iconic paintings of the soup cans of Campbell as well. The small canvas paintings of Andy Warhol could gain a lot of attention. Hence, he was able to become a prominent figure in the art world. This is where he started gaining attention as one of the most successful artists in the country as well.

Andy Warhol was able to win numerous awards for this work. Throughout the 1960s, he was able to become one of the most successful commercial artists as well. There was no other person, who could deliver similar results as per the blotted technique and rubber stamps to create one-of-a-kind drawings. 

The art studio of Andy Warhol

In the year 1964, Andy Warhol went ahead and started an art studio on his own. This was named as “The Factory”. It didn’t take a long period of time for The Factory to become one of the most prominent cultural hotspots of Andy Warhol. This was popular among the wealthiest celebrities and socialites of the country as well. Even the popular musician Lou Reed was coming there to spend time with the others. 

Andy Warhol was able to become a celebrity and enhance his reputation with all these efforts. However, the career of Andy Warhol almost ended in the year 1968, where he was shot by a radical feminist and an aspiring writer named Valerie Solanas. Andy was seriously injured by the attack. However, he was able to regain his good health after some time.

Andy Warhol was dealing with numerous chronic health problems during 1987. This is where he was admitted to the New York Hospital for treatment. In the year 1987, he died because of the health problems. Thousands of people attended the funeral of Andy Warhol, which was held in the St. Patrick’s Cathedral at the New York City. 

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